Telling My Boyfriend

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Rachel - July 13

I don't really know if you can do this without losing your boyfriend, but the question is, can you do this without your boyfriend? I understand you don't want your baby to grow up without a dad, he/she shouldn't have to. As for the question of whether to have the baby, you already made up your mind, don't go back, you can do it, there is a lot of help out there. If he wants to miss out on it, that is his loss. Some day he will realize, when he grows up, that he could have been a part of something special. If he wants to be a part of thta baby's life, then i congratulate him,( if he takes care of him/her) for being part of a miracle.


Marner - July 16

My daughter is 27 and in the same boat--but it was a date rape and she is 5 months pregnant---and it will be a boy---I have anoter grandson who is delighted about the pregnancy--please contact social services and apply for aide so you can keep your baby if you feel incompetent about funds ect---life is special and only comes from God--Y'shua (Jesus) will make a way---ask for his help in prayer--and He will give you strength to go through it---I hope our boyfriend understands and stick by--if not---do the right thing---my daughter hopefully will keep my grandson---it will be a blessing to you both----Psalms 57 chapter--read it-Blessing to you and your baby! email me if


Patti - July 18

You say you don't want to live the life you did, one without a father, then why would you bring a child into this world when you the father of your child is clearly telling you he doesn't want that baby!!!! When you play with fire you get burned and he is as much to blame for this pregnancy as you are, but you are TOO young to have a child. I am 27 and had my 11 year old daughter when I was 16, trust me you won't be the parent you want to be if your depressed about not having your boyfriend around. Why don't you live your life, finish school, graduate college, join a fraternity, travel, date, enjoy life and learn about it because how can you teach another human being about life when you haven't experienced for yourself????


sarah - July 18

well when i found out i was pregnant, my boyfriend said he was not ready to be a dad and i agreed and had an abortion scheduled but i changed my mind and couldnt go through with it. I told my boyfriend I was going to move away to my sisters and have this baby and he cried and said to stay that we would work through this together. I am now 7 months and we are very excited for our baby girl to arrive! Maybe when you tell him how you feel he will come around. If not its your body and you do what you feel is right. GOOD LUCK and congratulations


autum - July 25

i would sit him down and tell him and then explain to him how you feel and how much your decision means to you and if he can't except it then maybe you two dont belong together but dont make the baby suffer


apple - September 2

u have one choice, tell him and he has to live with his choices. your job is to take care of yourself and when the baby comes take care of the baby. He give up his choice when he slept with you, you may feel hurt and alone keep your family and friends around god will get you through it all you are not alone and a child is a blessing from above good luck.


Hayley - October 17

Hi. Im 18 too. and if i was in your situation, i would sit him down and just say im pregnant and im having this baby whether you want to be apart of it is upto you. and like others have said if he leaves then, your baby doesnt not need someone like that in its life. Im sure the baby will get all the love and devotion it will need from you. be strong and firm when you speak to him. dont let him talk you into anything you dont want to do.


Marner - October 17

This is your blood and your baby---tell him--go out to Dinner and tell him--if he do not like it--tough---you can apply for help with Social Services and benefits that's available for the Baby as well----it's tough---but it's tougher to get rid of a life---that you have to live forever with---my daughter is surviving--her boyfriend first wasn't by her side through out the pregnancy--but he was at the delivery and is happy that she ignored him and didn't abort----they may not get married--but will stand by the baby together---he is a real cute--outstanding baby! God Bless you---we really should try not to have s_x before marriage--but it happens---so you learn to live with your circ_mstances----


Ashley - January 16

Look im 16 and pregnant! There is no really good way to tell the father of your baby , he could flip out or whatever. Just sit him down but alone and let him know its not ur fault. Tell him ur gonna have it and let him know that you want him in its life. Its gonna need a father. Just dont be scared. Have faith


- January 17

just be honest


emma - January 28

im only 16 years old but i have told my boyfriend that i am pregnant and he wants me to have a termination but i dont want one cause at the end of the day its you first priority now!! if your boyfriend says he really does love you he would stick by you and he couldnt love you as much as he is saying he does! but are you scared of haveing the baby and aving nobody and looseing your baby? well you dont need boyfriens like that i am sure that you will find somebody who wantsyou and you baby,you will get through it



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