Thinking About Leaving

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Me - September 29

I'm thinking about leaving my boyfriend. He isn't abusive or anything, he just isn't ever happy with me. Its like i don't do anything right anymore, and its making him and me both miserable. I live with him, and i don't know where i would go if we broke up, but we've tried to make things work and it just doesn't feel like they're going to. Should i stay for the baby, or leave before i can't take it anymore? I'm 14 weeks pregnant.


Brianne's Mama - September 29

Start getting your resources together and start INQUIRING about child support. Just because you two are no longer together doesn't mean his obligation towards the baby is. While every child needs a father, maybe the time apart will give you two time to think about what's important which is the baby at this point. No need of the baby sharing in both you guys misery. Is he not happy with you or is he not happy with himself? When did he become unhappy with you? Are you unhappy with him or just the current situation? Just few questions to think about in your decision. Take care and God bless.


to me.. - September 29

I am in the same boat as you. not sure if i really love my babies dad. cause he seems to be miserable. I am not ready to kick him to the curb or anything yet.. but i do feel the same way as you do, remember though.. how our moods change when we are preg. and his as well. its all new right. i was so miserable i never even liked my self. i have been reading about relationships, and how to make them work even when it seems like its easier to just give up. I ve learned patience.. communicaton. and standing back and really looking at what attracted him to me in the first place. He has been suprising me lately in a good way..cause i really dont know him well, this takes years.. there is no such thing as the perfect relationship either..i think on msn home page there was some good articals on relationships.. try for a bit longer and see what comes of it,, think in a different way, think ok i ll be having this baby alone.. i dont need him. i will be working full time and raising this baby alone. Where does he fit in to this. Do I really need him...remember being 9 months preg and hardly able to move is not going to be easy.. I am sure you can do it on your own hon. but maybe just maybe try to think positive, talk to him about whats bothering you and he should too.Hide nothing!! set it out on the table.. you both desearve to be happy.. thats how i am doing it , so far I still think i will end up alone but i am deffinalty looking at him in a different light, giving him a chance to step up.. he wants to marry me.. I say no way.. not first , time will tell.. sending you postive thoughts..J


heres that site i was on.. - September 29 read this.


JLong - October 4

I hope this was not Jenn who put this up!? If it was talk to me.


huh J Long???? - October 4

I dont know you .....wrong...... Jenn



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