This Is Hard To Get Over

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Cassandra - November 6

I am 19, and 36week pregnant. My boyfriend who i had dated for almost 2yrs left me 4months ago. At first I thought he was ok with the pregnancy. But then one day he told me it was over. And the next day i found out he was dating some other girl. She's pretty, but only 17 I hope this doesn't happen to her too. He really doesn't talk to her much about the baby coming...but he still pushes back into my life with all these things about how i should raise the baby, and what i should name him. He expects me to talk to him like we are still friends, but its so hard to be nice to him when i remember what he did. I still want to be with him...but then i dont. I want to get over him, but he keeps pushing back into my life. I really dont mean to complain, but i'm so mad right now. Any advise would be great.


april - November 7

What you are feeling is perfectly normal...I think your a strong woman to hold your ground and hope you continue to do so. You two dont have to be friends just because your having a baby if you dont want to. If anything all you need to have is a parent relationship. To be kosher for the baby and keep conversation about the baby but thats as far as I would go. As for him telling you how you should raise your kid and what to name it....I'd have to say everyone has the right to their own opinion but if you dont agree to it than just say to him"look I understand you feel that way but I have a different opinion/view about it" or something like that. I think he's trying to get back into your life now cause your so close to having your son. I'll tell you what....I finally was able to get over my ex when I let go of all the hate I had for him. I had to frogive him cause if I didnt I still felt connected to him. I love him and want whats best for him but I wont risk getting hurt again and will never go back. It was a constant struggle and did a lot of crying but everyday I seemed to get better and stronger....I hope you find what works for you and pray it will ease your mind so you can focus on whats really important...your baby.


Ca__sandra - November 9

thanks for your advise April :-)


E - November 9

Wow. This is a hard situation and it is easy to sit on the other side and tell you how to feel but I know it is not easy for you. I think that the anger will only hurt you and your baby and the best thing to do is to try to form a positive relationship btw the baby and his dad. The less you make it about you the better off your child will be. Try to forgive him for the sake of the baby. XOXO


jenn - November 24

im sorry to hear you are going through this as well i am 4 months pregnant with our second child and we have decided to seperate because he was seeing another woman.We have been together for 7 years and i feel like i have wasted so much time. He continues to try to be in my life but i am hurt to much to try this again. In a situation like this we need to be strong for the life that is growing inside of us because stress and agrovation is not healthy for a growing baby. In the long run he will be the one to loose out because he will be missing all this preciouse time. Try to be strong and remember he is not worth you or your childs health. GOOD LUCK I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!



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