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bmorebabe - October 25

I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my boyfriend left me when I was six weeks pregnant I dont even know if he is still in this state. I have been trying to deal with this for a very long time and now that I am nearing my delivery date I am feeling more and more angry. I called his mother once during my first trimester and she told me to have an abortion, which I know that I would not have been able to do. She claims that she doesnt know where he is but I think she has to know something I mean he is her son right? I know that he had a hard time dealing with it when I told him that I was pregnant because he was adopted but I would think that he would want to be a good father just because of that. I dont understand he just literally dissapeared off the face of the earth I mean he dropped out of college, left his job, and his apartment. Other than that this has also been a very difficult pregnancy for me so far compared to my first I have gestational diabetes and am on insulin I had bleeding issues during my second trimester and I found out a week ago that my baby is breech and as of today the baby is still breech. I will tell you one thing though thank god for good friends or I dont think I would have gotten this far. I also just found out that the father of my first child broke up with the girl that he left me for and I just cant help but think that even though we have only spoken five times in the past three years there might still be a chance for us ... maybe? I dont know all I know is that I am going through a rough time and thought that I might get some advice from other people out there that might have been through a similar situation.


E - October 25

I am sorry for your pain. This sounds like a very hard and lonely time for you. The only thing I can think is that the mother is trying to protect her son from having to pay child support. By not knowing where he is, he can elude the court system. DEADBEAT. Still, file the appropriate papers and make sure he is legally accountable, whether he is in your child's life or not. He may end up in jail when they catch up with him and you can let him have it there. Good luck - you are in my prayers.


christine - October 26

I am on my 3rd pregnancy, all of which I have done alone, its hard but definately doable. Just keep your head up and lean on those you have to lean on...try not to stress over the fathers disapperance too much...remember its his loss. Good luck


bmorebabe - October 28

Thanks guys for your insight I really believe that the one and only thing women like us need are good friends and support whats a mangoing to do for us but mess up our lives anyway?


brooke - October 28

iam 20 weeks pregnant iam 18 and my babys daddy was adopted to he is very scared of having a baby and we fight alot but just tell your self you don't need anybodys help this is your baby nobody elses i tell him all the time i don't need him this is my baby


Kris - October 28

Make sure you sue him for child support. Sooner or later he will have to surface somewhere. I can't say that I am surprised by his mother's comments, although I certainly don't condone it. My soon to be ex's mother speaks to me the same way. I would be a little leery of hooking back up with your first baby's daddy just because he is alone now. Try to think back to how you felt when he left you the first time for another women. What now he wants a second chance because things didn't work out? Maybe he is sincere now. Perhaps he realizes what a good thing he lost out on. Just be careful!


Julie - October 29

I'm 13 and pregnant what should i do?


k - October 29

yeah I definitely would not go back to your ex. You are very vulnerable at this time, and like you said right now use the support from your friends and family and don't get involved with another guy. with everything that you are going through, you probably aren't emotionally stable enough to start a relationship just yet. But you definitely aren't alone, many women go through this. (why we put up with men I have no idea lol) Definitely go after him for child support, he is bound to turn up somewhere and will owe u a pile of money when he does.


brooke to julie - October 30

well do your parents know if yes that is a start if not tell them get help in person help you are very young call a teen pregnancy risk line in your phone book seriously get personal help


Keefersnon - October 30

Give the child up for adoption and get on with your life. You are having a series of relationships with unavailable men. Get some help with why you don't feel worthy to have a man that adores you and then you can think about having a child. Children should not be pulled around your relationship problems. They need a stable mom and dad to be there for them. You're too busy do it with guys to care about what you're doing to your children.


bmorebabe - October 31

I dont agree with that I have not been in a relationship throughout this whole pregnancy and I dont at this point plan on getting in one for the sole fact that my children come first I am just having issues dealing with the fact that my ex is available now because I am still in love with him he was my first love and nothing will ever change that. When it comes to giving my child up for adoption for one thing I dont think that would be best for the child because I can still be a stable mother figure in this childs life. Even though the father is gone doesnt mean that I will walk out on her too. Yes I agree that sometimes abortion and adoption are the best answer for SOME people but not all of them. I also have been in therapy for years to work on the problems that I have with relationships and part of what I work on is being a good SINGLE MOM because that is what I am and children of single parents especially those who have a parent that is not in the picture need more rea__sureance that the parent that is there will ALWAYS be there for them and I am prepared to be the one and only parent of this child knowing this child is going to be vulnerable to abandonment issues and I can do it alone I dont want him in her life confusing her anyways coming in and out whenever he feels like it if he ever decides to meet her.


Gina - November 4

bmorebabe, I replied to you under " Should I call my baby's father" Gina


Lina - November 4

You don't need him to financially support you. You chose to have this child, you should be able to take care of it by your self, he obviously doesn't want to. Don't force him to pay for something he doesn't want. You can do it.



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