Tired Of Being Sad

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Amber - October 27

I am 36 weeks pregnant and the father and i have gone back and forth about getting together, staying apart etc. We were obviously together when i got pregnant but separated when i found out. He is ecstatic about being a dad. This is his first. I already struggle with single parenting of the 3 children i have. I have tried to make it work and in all fairness so has he, although i feel not very hard! But I'm sick of being sad about it. I'm sick of being consumed with the fact that i have to do this all alone (the pregnancy). Now it's almost time to deliver and the angry side of me doesn't want him in the delivery room. I have done this whole thing by myself with no one to ask how i'm feeling, what i'm craving, if she's kicking and i'm p___sed and don't want to share the good stuff either. I keep thinking of the story i was told when i was little about all the farm animals not wanting to help the chicken make the bread but when the bread was done, they all wanted to help her eat it. Maybe I'm selfish but I'm also p___sed and i can't get over the fact that he can't just go the extra mile to make this work. He says he wants to but doesn't know what to do. I know when the baby is born he is going to be goo goo ga ga over her and THEN he will want to come back and I just don't want to be the victim in that situation. Nor do i want my kids to be the victims if it doesn't work out AGAIN. They really love him and i couldn't possibly survive another break-up.


April - October 27

Oh my gosh Amber that is soooo crazy... I said the EXACT SAME THING about the chicken and the farm animals. It was funny because my ex IS a pig, a cow (he got fat after we broke up), and a jacka__s... hahahaha. My ex and I were never off and on.. he just flat out left me when I was 4 months pregnant and then wanted to take her by himself after she was born. I'm like noooooooo freakin way. I'm not letting him skip all the hard stuff and go right to the easy stuff. He's gotta EARN fatherhood. and he's going to do it with SUPERVISED visitation. Haha.. I didn't let him in the delivery room. I didn't even call him until the day after our daughter was born (this may sound mean but if you knew the whole story I'm sure you'd understand). I say don't let him come back. If you guys already have a track-record of breaking up and getting back together then it'll probably keep happening. I think it'd be better to stay apart right from the beginning rather than to break up after your child is used to having him there. Plus going back and forth can't be good for the kids you have now.



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