To Keefersmom

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K - December 8

why do you tell all of these single mothers to be to put the child up for adoption. Just because they are single it doesn't mean that they can't take care of there child. They are coming here for support from other women that are going through the same thing as they are. A woman can raise a child and give as good of a home as a single parent as a family with two parents. To all you Single Moms and moms-to-be that may read this Keep your child if that is what you want to. You can take care a child by your self as well as a couple could. it is your child. the only thing i have to say is if you don't want the child then consider adoption and not abortion.


Gina - December 9

Just read another post to another woman asking her to give the baby up for adoption and that her boyfriend is a jerk. You seem to be looking for a baby to adopt yourself and this is not a very nice way to go about it. Stop what your doing and let thse women make that serious decision in their own time not when they are vunerable.


E - December 9

I was shocked when I read Keefersmom's posts. I literally could not believe that someone would make that suggestion so coldheartedly, cutting and pasting the same response to all of the single women. The sad part is that I know she means what she is saying and she believes that all single moms are unfit to parent. The nerve of her to ask them to consider giving their baby away so HER child could have a brother or a sister!!!!! Why hasn't anyone responded to her in the posts?? I was outraged and could not hold myself back.


bmorebabe - December 9

this is the second thread that addresses the issue at hand and I for one have resonded to this issue before I am in complete agreement with you all. Please note that there is a small blue box in the upper right hand section of each post that says "Poor Taste?" this b___ton will alert the moderators of this site that the responses are in poor taste so feel free to click on it if you feel that something should not be said or is not supportive as they may delete these posts.


Keefersmom - December 11

I agree!



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