To Keep Or Not To Keep

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Tisha - April 8

Right now im in college and just found out im pregnant. I want to keep the child but i feel like my boyfriend doesnt because he's going over seas with to play ball. i dont know if i will be able to support my child because i dont have a job, dont have any money saved up. What am I to do? And what about school? Should I move back home? I just dont know what to do


Jill - April 9

If your boyfriends playing ball shouldn't he be making lots of money?? I used to not beleive in abortion until I had a baby. My daughter is three now. I had an abortion last year and dont regret it at all because I know what it takes to raise a child and be pregnant. But I love my daughter very much and don't regret her either she helped me want to grow up and do something with my life either way it's your decision so think about it. And make the right one for you. If you think long enough it will come to you


shar - April 11

abortions is a option however so is parenting, talk to ur family if u can , also there is always help out there contact a local pregnacy crisis center. u can always return to school, its up to u to weigh out ur options and do what u feel is best for you, get support from ur b/f regardless if he is going over seas have good communication, and u will feel better, god bless and wish u all the best


? - April 12

I notice people supporting the abortion choice but no one has even mentioned the other option, adoption. My best friend had an abortion and regrets it everyday of her life. You will NEVER know what your child will look like or what it will grow up to be if you abort. Please consider your options carefully. NEVER is FOREVER. Once you abort you cannot go back. If you parent the child there is lots of help out there for single moms. Go to your state for a__sistance if you need to there is nothing wrong with getting help.If you do decide on adoption at least you will be able to watch your child grow. You can recieve pictures and things and the child will know who you are if you have an open adoption.


I Notice - April 12

some people don't notice very well.


RE: I Notice - April 13



crystal - April 14

I don't belive in abortions so i dont think u should have one. But dont get an abortion b/c of your b/f. Dont forget that this is your baby too. If hes not going to support your baby then that's his loss and he'll get what's coming to him. You really should talk to your parents before u make a decision, and u will finish school alot of girls finish college with a child, as long as your determine u can do it.


Maddie - April 20

I found out I was pregnant, and medicaid pays for EVERYTHING. The father and I even got married, our income was less than $30,000 per year, so we qualified. You have nine months to prepare for the baby once it arrives. I would never consider an abortion! Killing your child, because you think you can't afford it? Um, selfish? There is no excuse, MEDICAID makes the whole pregnancy free! The WIC program provides you with food coupons. Have the baby, if you don't want to raise it, don't be a coward and kill it...give it up for ADOPTION. Once again, there is NO excuse.


April - April 20

yeah that's right... Medicaid does pay for everything... and WIC pays for a LOT! plus you can factor in if you've had any friends or family members who've recently have babies who would give you some of their stuff... it makes it even easier... i lucked out because my sister had a baby girl a year and a half ago, and now i'm going to have one in july (i don't have a job either) and my sister's giving me ALL of her baby stuff... the bouncer, stroller, car seat, changing table, ba__sinet, crib, clothes.. etc... and since i'm b___stfeeding, the only things i'll really have to buy are like diapers, wipes, bath stuff... and the child support from her jerk of a father will help with that :) so just talk to people around you... see what you can do... it might not be as expensive as you'd think... as for school... you can still do that too... i'm gonna start school in january... i want to be a counselor :)


Lisa - May 2

In response to some comments here about not terminating due to financial concerns (being a single parent with no income etc) and being told termination is not an option when you can get financial a__sistance - I want to tell you not to be bullied or feel guilty. A child is an incredible financial responsibility, and it's not just the baby you have to pay for - you have to be able and ready to afford to raise a child for the next 18 years. Will Medicaid pay to raise your child and provide it with everything it needs its entire childhood/adolescence? No. It’s not just a ‘baby’ you have to consider, it’s an entire life. And its’ quality of life, which is immensely important, as is yours. And though I personally wish it were so - love alone won’t feed and clothe your child nor put it through school or take care of all of its’ health needs. Just don’t let some comments about getting something like Medicaid influence you, that’s ridiculous, you have to be ready for the long term.


//// - June 28



Sydney - June 29

TISHA- hey....i'm right there with ya--im in college & just recently found out I was pregnant. During my finals in may i was puking in between steps to my exams...I am in a situation where the father of my child will most likely not be a part of its life. he has moved back to his home state for the summer & I was left to cope with this new lifestyle. I am only 15 weeks right now, but have learned more as time has pa__sed..there are definately some lonley and depressing nights, but i wouldnt change my decision to keep this baby for anything. I have a little part time job & i know its scary! We can do it tho! If moving back with your rents is the best option for you, then that is not a bad idea. Family is an AWESOME source of support. It is part of what has gotten me this far. I am going to continue back to college in the fall --im due DEC 20th. I will then take the next semester off & continue back either that following summer or next semester. It will all work out. Though it will be a set-back, I have always liked to belive that everything truly happens for a reason. So i have faith that everything will be okay. Good luck with your pregnancy!


We wish to adopt :) - July 8

Loving Christian couple wishes to openly adopt! We are a secure and stable couple wishing to make our family of three grow by two little feet!



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