Torn Between My Fear And A Sudden Change Of Heart HELP

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Madi - January 22

I’m not sure if I AM pregnant, my periods are irregular and I have had eight weeks between periods, its been 10 weeks sense last period, and still negative HPT tests ( i have been under a lot of stress, and I have been sick), I’m getting a blood test next week. But hear is the thing, I told my boyfriend I was worried, he said that nothing could have happen cause he wore a condom, and didn’t even come. And he said that he would want me to get an abortion, and yeah, at first I would agree to do that. But, lately, I have been thinking, even though I’m not sure I’m pregnant, I very well could not be. I don't know why I’m having this battle with conscience, I’m pro-choice, always have been. But there is just something in me, that thinks when it will come down to it, I cant do it. I know my boyfriend will not support me in this, but, I guess that I am spineless and scared of not having him around (not that he is very supportive now). I don’t know what to do.


choice - January 22

I know this is controversial, but my view is that if you are pregnant, how could you possibly kill a human life, because that's what it is from conception. Raising a baby on your own would be hard, but not as hard with living with your conscience if you killed a baby.


Mommy - January 22

I know it is your choice but imo having an abortion for the wrong reasons is bad. A child will be yours forever and you will love that child forever. A man can walk away and not look back, whereas even if your child is 50 to you he or she will always be your baby. I hope you are not pregnant for the sake of your peace of mind and would-be childs life. Any woman who can kill her child for the sake of a man should not be with him in the first place. And I'm probably going to get a big backlash for this, but the opposite of pro-life must be pro-death. Think about your child if you are pregnant. Men have a tendency to come and go. Love your baby.


Monique - January 23

Madi, PLEASE don't let the Anti-Abortion loons on this forum guide you one way or the other. Just follow your heart and instincts to decide what's best for YOU!!! My suggestion is NOT to get ahead of yourself..... don't worry yourself to death BEFORE you know if you actually are. Cross this bridge when you get to it--worry does physical damage. Good Luck!!


to Madi - January 24

Thank you, Monique, for finally having the nerve to say what I've wanted to on this forum for a long time!! Every time the word abortion is mentioned, someone starts in with very one-sided beliefs. I'm pregnant, too, and I considered abortion at first. I finally decided that it wasn't the right choice for me, but that does not change my opinion that it is(and should always be) a choice that every woman should have the right to make. Madi, don't worry now. You might as well wait until you find out for sure before you decide how to handle the situation. Good luck, and keep us posted!



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