Underage Sex I Was 22 And He Was 16 I Need Support

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Angela - February 25

Here is my deal...I was 22 when I got with this guy n he was 16...Ya I know that's young lol but I look 17 n don't feel 22 at all...We got in a relationship he lives in AZ n I live in CA he actually came out 2 stay with me and his mom said it was ok ..he was only gunna stay for a few days we'll that few days turned into 2 months..we started really well in the beginning he even got close 2 my family...we'll 2 make a long story short...he lived with me we actually talked about havin a baby n a family n stuff....we joked round bout marriage n everything (he also has another girl that's due 2 have his baby..we'll she had it this month...Febraruay 2005) that's just a Maury episode cuz he said he wasn't sure if he was the dad or not..we'll he left on Dec 29th back 2 AZ cuz he missed it...said he was gunna stay together with me and we were gonna work everything out...his mom was really nice 2 me....we'll once he got back 2 AZ he changed on me I told him I was pregnant he said get an abortion..I couldn't believe he was tellin me that cuz he planned the baby with me!? He was really rude all the times I called then my ex friend who was always in my relationship called his mom and told her that I was pregnant...I called her cuz my ex friend said that his mom was gunna press charges against me...she was really rude towards me told me he didn't wanna have anything 2 do with me and I was harrasing her son If i called again she would press charges..I'm scared cuz i want him 2 b a part of the baby's life and I'm really excited to have this baby really depressed cuz he isn't here n we planned this together but I don't know wut my rights r after i have the baby i'm scared can someone plz help me 2 understand this underage s_x thing n just b a friend 2 me cuz i was nothin but nice 2 him did everything 2 him and he just treats me like ish :( I am 13 weeks pregnant now ...do u think he can change and be there for the baby n everything cuz he can b a real sweetheart he'll b 18 next January can she still press charges on me after that (I heard she can't)? I live in Southern California and need support plz someone help me u can e-mail me or hit me up on IM at [email protected] Yahoo CuteCalig21 thnx very much and hope 2 hear from someone soon :)


Audrey - February 25

Unfortunately you have a big problem. 1. Your man's mother can press charges as long as he's under 18 (it does work both ways). 2. He has told you that he has another girl pregnant. It sounds to me that he's just messing around. He might have joked about marriage and having a baby, but when there was a real baby involved, he spooked. I don't think he'll change now. I suggest you see a lawyer to determine what your rights are in this case. Best of luck!


Saddened - February 25

I think he is just young & inmature. U will be fine.


melissa - February 25

The following is a list of the states and when a person male or female is old enough to consent to s_x. This 16 year old consented to s_x, so therefore his mother can not bring charges against you. Plus his mother allowed him to stay with you so she is just as guilty of you becoming pregnant as you guys are. My suggestion is to talk with a lawyer. If the child is his he has the obligation to provide support for this child regardless of his age. I hope this help. :) Consensual s_x Male-Female S_x Alabama 16 Alaska 16 Arizona 18 Arkansas 16 California 18 Colorado 15/17 Connecticut 16 D.C 16 Delaware 16/18 Florida 16/18 Georgia 16 Hawaii 16 Idaho 16/18 Illinois 17 Indiana 16 Iowa 14/16 Kansas 16 Kentucky 16 Louisiana 17 Maine 16 Maryland 16 Ma__sachusetts 16/18 Michigan 16 Minnesota 16 Mississippi 16 (laws pa__sed June 1, 1998) Missouri 14/17 Montana 16/18 Nebraska 17/16 New Hampshire 16 New Jersey 16 New Mexico 17 New York 17 North Carolina 16 North Dakota 18 Ohio 16 Oklahoma 16 Oregon 18 Pennsylvania 16 Rhode Island 16 South Carolina 14/16-bill pending South Dakota 16 Tennessee 18 Texas 17 Utah 16/18 Vermont 16 Virginia 18 Washington 16/18 West Virginia 16 Wisconsin 18 Wyoming 16 / 18 Military 16


j - March 2

First of all he's too young to have a baby unless he's financially secure to take care of you both..there also the fact that he is probably a bit scared cuz he may have another baby that he would have to take care of..So you think about how your future would be him


Liza - March 2

I think u simply dont need that kind of guy in ur life.U cant make someone to be there for both of u if its against their will.Plus its not worth it anyway.U r young and will find someone even with a baby who will want to be there for u and u wont need to chase him around and speak to his mum (god,sounds like kindergarden).:-)


Jilean - March 7

Angela... under age s_x can be a very scary thing... when I was 22 I dated someone who was 16 also... I was a virgin... and his family was ok with us being together. He kept pushing for us to have s_x because he already did... I was afriad but did... after 2 years of being together... and becoming less nieve and aware of stagatory rape... I called it quits... even though it has been a long time now... I am still afriad it pops up... This is not judging you, but just for me... I think and know it is wrong and would never do something like that again. If I was you, I would just try to cut my losses and not force anything on him. You might end up in jail, or they might want to get money out of you. I know that you want a father for him, but this could go horrible wrong, and if you want to be with your baby, you should try to back off... if he wants to come around (which I doubt) You can let him do so. But for all you know... he is probably braging to his, them to their parents.. and then you will be like those teachers on tv. It is very frightening... I would be... Take care and do the right thing.


!!! - March 8

i feel completley sorry for u. i think that any man take responsibility for there child. instead of leaving a women to raise a child by herself. especially a women who doesnt have the money to take care of the both themself and there new born. but i'm shore you'll find a better guy to take care of you and your kid. and who wont going crying to there mom to help fix there life because they dont have respect for there partner!!! good luck i hope u make it through this terrible time


C - April 11

It's nonthing wrong with a young guy I met my baby dad when he was 16 and I was 23 but I was scared like you about a baby so we made sure he was 18 before we got preg, although we a split up now since about 3 months because of some minor problems he love his child he comes to get him every weekend and he's 24 now and I'm 31.


Hello - April 12

This is a sad situation all the way around. I hope you find answers !


baby75 - April 16

you should of thought of that before you did it cause if you were convinced that he wanted a baby with you why didnt you wait till he was 18 your 22 come on and pregnant bya 16 now ur scared dont you watch the news it happenes all the time if you get caught jail time girl


Beau - April 18

You will be fine. Just write the weasle off as a imature jerk. I will not condem you for you actions. For the mother of my eldest daughter was 17 and I was fourteen when she decided to embara__s her mother. Needless to say the result was my daughter Ka__sandra. I did not mary her, but later in life i took resposibilitiy for my actions. I put Ka__sandra's mother through school. She is now a doctor is florida.


Nelly - May 23

no need to be insensitive guys, Angela leave the little boy alone and concentrate on your baby... you'll be just fine, he's a boy who's still depending on mommy to fight his battles how on earth is going to be a father to your baby... good luck.



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