Unemployed And Just Found Out I Am Pregnant Help Please

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alisha - April 7

i just found i am pregnant for the first time ever yesterday, i have PCOS, which makes it hard to have kids. I just recently graduated from college and moved to north carolina to move in with my boyfriend that i been dating for over 5 years, i went to the doctor to get provera to induce my period because i go months with no period from the pcos disorder, i was going to get my period induced and to start my birth control pills up agian, the only reason i stopped them is b/c the doc toldd my to b/c i was not having a period, so they needed to induce it and which to another birth control pills, they made me take a urine pregnancy test just to make sure i was not pregnant before the doc gave the pills and then the doc said the test was postive and did a pelvic exam and told me i was 2 or months already which was a complete shock, i do not know what to do i am unemployed and looking for a job for couple of months but the job market it hard and i have health insurance b/c my grandmother paid my insurance just b/c she was helping me out until i got a job b/c i have other minor health problems that require prescription medicine but my insurance plan does not cover maternity or any thing like that and if she found out she would cancel it anyway and its too expensive to pay for on my own its like 400 a month,i do not want to have an abortion and cannot do the adoption thing but feel like i have no choice but get a abortion b/c or health insurance and money, my boyfriend has i decent full time job with benefits but we are not married, please help with any advice!!!!!


~S~ - April 7

I think there's other people who are in worse situations than yourself, so I wouldn't stress out TOO much about it. At least your bf is still by your side and has a decent job, which means you'll have some sort of income. There's expecting mothers out there who don't have any sort of reliable income flowing in, no partner, and no family. The only thing you can do is just try to look for a job with benefits, even as hard as it is, at least your trying right? I myself - I do have medical, but it doesn't cover maternity leave. I have a job but I don't get benefits including Mat leave. My bf is still with me, and helps out as much as he can but it's difficult for him as he's still trying to get his citizenship. So you see, If I can do it with a smile on my face, so can you.


aishah - April 8

Go to the local WIC office and get a letter confirming your pregnancy and then go to public aid. You are ent_tled to medical aid while you are pregnant as long as you dont make more than 1700 a month and have no more than 2k in savings.


MELISSA - April 8

Alisha....go to http://regionalhelpwanted.com/Search/detail.cfm?SN=153&ID=5909 this company is in Greensboro NC. I work for this company, and they provide you with health insurance after 90 days.


leah - April 8

alisha , i am in the same situation as you except i have only been with my boyfriend for 2 years and i am in between jobs right now and out of all times to find out i am pregnant it is now!!! i have no insurance and no job and do not know what to do either, i know that medicaid may be an option but is it that easy to get medicaid, i have no income right now and only have a couple hundred dollars in my checking, its hard to just find a job in general, let alone being pregnant, i am scared and do not know what to do, my boyfriend is hinting around at an abortion b/c of my situation with no job and stuff but i never had an abortion before and think if i got an abortion i would regret it for life....an i could not have the baby and give it up for adoption, so i feel like i have decisions to make so fast but have no answers.......if anyone knows anyone or has been through this same situation please share your advice or what you did....thank you


Bekki - April 25

Have you applied for Medicaid? I don't know about NC, but in SC you are automatically eligible if you are unemployed and it covers everything related to your pregnancy, and probably would cover your other health problems too.


Melissa - April 25

In NC you can get medicaid, food stamps, wic etc while you are pregnant and unemployed.


April - April 27

I found out I was pregnant a week after I had quit my job (to pursue another opportunity). I thought I was totally screwed, but there are tons of government programs that help single mothers-to-be. Go to your local a__sistance office (you should be able to find the number in the phone book) and apply for medicaid (that'll cover all your medical bills) and whatever other services you think you'll need. Then you have to make an appointment with your local WIC office to discuss your options there. Remember to get proof of pregnancy notes from your doctor. The WIC office and a__sistance office will want a copy.


Ky - May 4

This just happened to me! I left my job 2 months ago to persue something else, a week after I quit my job my insurance ran out, a week after that I found out I was pregnant. I called Social Services and found a program called PCAP - Prenatal Care a__sistant Program, which is offered through Medicaid. Now if your in a situation like me where my fiance lives with me they go by what HE makes every month - or what he contributes towards your living costs. They count this as part of your income, and this determines wether or not your eligable, and how much you'd have to pay towards the Medicaid. I am 2 months along as well, my worry is that right now I still haven't found a job, and the farther into the pregnancy I am the less likely someone is going to hire me.


Melina - June 7

unemployed and just found out i am pregnant!help please, plus I am alone and don't know what to do.



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