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Nattie - November 22

Me and my boyfriend broke up before I got pre. We weren't toghether for a month. During that month I was seeing someone else. After me and my boyfriend got toghether and that's when I found out I was preg. We're still togther but it very hard. He knows the baby may not be his. I stress over this daily and I don't even talk to the other guy. Should I stay in the relationship or end it? I don't know how to make the situation any better. We fight constantly. Please help.


Ca__sandra - November 22

You can stay in the relationship, but if its causing you stress, then that means its causing your baby stress. If it is any better, maybe you should try to give the relationship a break, till you have your baby and or work out the problems. Breaking up is hard, believe me I know, and as much as it sucks that i dont have my boyfriend around anymore, its much better then us being together and fighting all the time. You just have to tell yourself that you can do this, and you will. Hope I helped in some way.


Alyssa - December 7

I understand what you are going through. I'm in the same situation. I broke up with my boyfriend and started dating again about 3 wks later. The last time i got my period was 7/06. The guy that i moved on with left me when i was 3 mths preg for his ex girlf friend who is also preg. When i went to get my ultra sound done i was already 18 wks and 5 days. Now i'm really confused to who is the father?? Right now the only thing i can do is wait to take a dna test. i feel so stressed.Can some one help me???


Jessica - January 6

I am in the same situation. I am only 15 . I was with my boyfriend for a year, he was gone out of state alot. one night i met up with an old friend and we had s_x. I started dating this old friend. And my boyfriend and i broke up. Well not a month later my old friend decides to break up with me. My boyfriend and i get back together. Then i find out im pregnant. Well before that my boyfriend and i had s_x. My old friend is demanding he is going to fight my for custody of the baby when its born and a paternity test. My boyfriend knows and is not upset because we were split up. He also knows it might or might not be his. What should i tell the other guy? He is older than me by 5 years. Both of them are. But what should i do? Can He legally fight me for custody? Please i need someones help!


Nattie - January 14

Jessica..........If he is the father he can legally fight you for custody. If I were I wouldn't put any fathers name on the birth certificate. You and your boyfriend can get a private dna test. You don't have to tell the other guy. If he wants to know if that's his child he'll have to pay for the test himself to prove it before he can fight you for custody. Although there may be a chance of him getting in trouble for rape since you're under age.


Marilyn - January 15

I am hoping that the father of my baby is one of two guys. I guess I can worry about it all I want but in the end I've already made up my mind. I'm not going to tell anybody who the father might be and I'm not going to tell either of the guys. I think that if either one of them cared for me they would be here with me right now trying to help me in some way. Ya know? Just thought that I would add my two cents. Not that you were looking for it. :)



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