Unsure Of Paternity

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AJ - December 11

I am pregnant and am in need of advice. I told the man I believed to be the father that I was pregnant but now I am not sure if he is. He told me that he had been going to a urologist and had not been producing sperm. My first day of my menstrual cycle wa 10/4 and I had intercourse with another man on the 10th and 11th. I had intercourse with the man who I thought was the father on the 15th. According to information I've read online, I would begin ovulating 10 to 14 days after 10/4, the beginning of my cycle, so around 14th to 18th. Is it possible that the man I thought was the father is not and that the sperm from the first man, who I had intercourse with on the 10th/11th, could have lived inside me for a few days and then implanted when I began to ovulate? I'm hoping someone can help me. I've never been in a situation like this before. Thanks! AJ


dew - December 11

I don't think there is anyway that anybody can give you a definite answer to the father of your baby. I think the only way to tell will be a DNA once the baby is born. I was told that a woman can ovulate before or after her period depending upon the woman. I would tell both men and wait until the baby is born to find out the truth. I wish you the best and don't feel bad about your situation. You were given the blessing of this baby for a reason and you will be fine. Take care.


April - December 11

yeah... I actually got pregnant WAAAAY after I ovulated. The best thing for you to do to know for sure is to have them both take a paternity test after your child is born.


nora - December 12

Here is an interesting fact: "female (the X chromo.) sperm" is more resiliant than male sperm. Male sperm is fast than female sperm. Each sperm is either an X or a Y. This will determine the s_x of your child. So, it is presumed that if you want a little girl to have s_x before ovulation, since the X chromosome can stay inside the woman longer than the male and vice versus. I'm not sure if this in anyway helps.


dew - December 12

what does that have to do with this?



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