Unsure Of The Father No Judgement

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Scared - November 2

I have been with two different men. One of them I was with for 2 years and the only time I ever got pregnant before while we were off and on was by someone else. I am pregnant now, and am not sure if my ex may have fertility problems and it could be the other person? Please help! I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a prenatal paternity test!


.... - November 2

If you are on aid, they may do a free paternity test. Most require you to get child support, so if you are unsure of the father, you may be required for one. That's about all I know. Hope I helped.


Best of Luck - November 4

I am in a similar situation. I was dating a guy for about 1.5 years. Things were on the rocks and he had started requesting me to have s_x with other men so he could watch. I wanted to fulfill his needs, but he liked it when his brother and I and him would have threesomes. Needless to say I have left him....he had turned abusive (not actually hitting me) but s_xually and otherwise. Now I have a HUGE dilema. I am dating the most wonderful guy in the world....he got cut about 7 years ago (after having a b___h for a first wife --- swore he never wanted any more children)...he knows the situation and that he may not be the father and wants to raise it as his own. Here is the problem....this is almost like a freaking television special....the father of my child could be three men.....1) my ex....2) his brother....3) my current boyfriend. Please do not judge me, but any feedback or support would be a huge help. The ex is in and out of jail (has been for years) and I feel guilty for not letting him be a part of his (possibly his) sons life.


Cinshon - November 7

Well, I didnt' have a 3 some, I couldn't imagine it, but any way I was in you guy shoes, and Had my child anyway. Do what you think is best. I you would like to read my post the about the whole situation I went through but go to first trimester and look at Judge my unborns father. It seem to me that fist person you be with it the one, alot of people say the last but how do you know you wasn't already pregant when you was with the other guy, with a 3 some in the say day may be hard to pin point, but keep you head up. Don't listen to criticizm. I didn't do a test but my heart say's she's his she looks like my son I know there's no ganratee without a test but nonthings impossibe when was your last period and how far are you


I understand - November 9

I had 2 one night stands just a few days apart and if you go for support the state will pay for your paternity test.


Me too - November 10

I had s_x with 1 guy well more like oral s_x that we were filming like paris hilton and then we went to have s_x but was interupted so never actually did the deed but he was inside me WITH a rubba..he was just a squeeze..then 2 days later i was with my main man without a rubba and he came in me a few times real deep..fast forward and i have a baby and even tho im 95% sure its the 2nd guys..the fact that i even had another man inside of me has caused me nothing buy pain cause even tho tha baby looks like the 2nd man..i keep thinking what if what if some sperm jumped in tha air and is inside me now? what if what if so the 2nd guy insisted on a paternity test and well have the results in a week. Ill never tell him that there was anotha guy but boy i never thought id be in a maury real life episode so to the ladies who didnt use anything..i feel your pain and i would never judge you again because drugs and alcohol can make tha most insane moment look safe..


zz - November 15

all u can do is wait intill the child is born there is no way of knowing intill you see the child a believe that a mother knows as soon as she sees her child, we have that gift but some of us are in denial


... - November 15

My problem is that I want to know before the baby is born. I do not feel right involving one potential father and his family in this and it turn out to not be his. Does the state only pay for your paternity test after the child is born?


Me too - November 17

If you live in NYC or the father lives in NYC then you can get the test done yourself for $138. Thats what I did. The results tak about 2 weeks. If you do it through the state you have to wait for them to come to you and they take a while..also the results are longer..so you could be waiting till baby is 6 months to know. I had medicaid and theoretically cause theres no father on the B/c they should be asking me who the father is but they didnt. YOu can fo an in utero test but thats not on the state and it will cost $700 or more but you wont have to do this alone and I woulda done it just so i could jhave had some support when i was preg. I didnt do it and I had nearly a year by myself so...



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