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meredyth416 - November 4

sorry i haven't updated sooner. this was such a hard decision for me to make. i had an abortion on thursday. i am sad, but i do think it was what i had to do given my circ_mstances and the only thing that would keep me sane. I asked my boyfriend to move out and I'm just trying to take everything one day at a time. I get really sad sometimes and feel extremely selfish and ashamed at certain times, but in the end, i do think it was the right decision for me. It has forever changed my life and the guy who got me pregnant. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. Thank you all for your thoughts and your help- i really appreciate it more than you might know. I look forward to having children one day and i know for certain what i need and want in my life now. thank you again.


docbytch - November 4

Meredyth: Do not feel ashamed. I have been exactly where you are now. It's a tough place to be. However...you made the decision based on your own convictions...there is no shame in that. Whatever you do...please don't let mean-spirited people make you feel bad about your decision okay? I am glad you went with your convictions. Take care of yourself =-)


Elisabeth S - November 4

I read this post and felt like i must respond...i had an abortion in MArch and it was a very difficult decision....i was so early i did the medicated one..i wanted to have it but i had just broken my back and am a grad student with no money.....i know how hard it is...i would have been due in one month but it is a woman's right...with my broken back and financial situation is seemed like i couldn't carry a baby to term... i can barely function now with my back and am having surgery in December...here is what helped me, ive been told the same soul will come back the next time you get pregnant, so you did NOT lose a baby, a little soul was trying to be born, but it just was not the right time....so you will have that little soul next time, don't worry...i know someone is trying to be born though me, and they will come when i am ready...hope that helps....i feel pain too, but it really was for the best...remind yourself, u will have that baby someday, it just wasn't the right time.......once i have my back surgery and have a body that can handle pregnancy, i plan on ttc....good luck to you...i am suffering from post abortion stress syndrome...so i welcome any insight...though i sooooo firmly believe in a womans right to choose and i am glad you made the decision best for you......


GimmeaBub - November 5

You made an adult descion i too have been there. Although it's hard you did whatyou believed was right and thats ok, it's your body your life, no one else has to live it but you! I praise you for being responsible and living up to freedom of choice, you will meet people in your life who will snub you for what you did, ask you questions like 'were you upset', did you care at all, did you ever wonder what may have been'? but you learn to move on, you will never forget that one! All i say to people who have had an abortion do not use it as a contraception, once is a mistake, twice is ok, but three times there is no excuse! I wish you the best of luck in your life! Remember at the end of the day it's you who really matters!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 13

hey.. I read both your posts and was just kind of wondering if you plan on trying to get back with your ex.. he seemed like a good guy. (not the boyfriend... the ex fiance) anyway, I have never had an abortion in fact Im pregnant now worried to death of miscarriage but I am married and have full support from my family, so your decision whether not people agree with you appears to be the right one for you. I happy it worked out in the end and am curious as to how you are now? Im nosy and curious like that lol.


meredith880 - November 23

Elisabeth S: Good god did the abortion clinic tell you ur next baby would be the same soul? your crazy and like i said before YOU COULD HAVE PUT THAT BABY UP FOR ADOPTION NOT KILLED IT. I DONT GET THAT ABOUT PEOPLE


grow_up - November 25

would you shut your tree hugging a__s up already? adoption is NOT just some simple decesion you make like giving away a sweater. stop making women feel bad for a hard decesion they had to make. you go around preaching to everyone they should have gave the baby up for adoption, I guess they should take all the serial killers and child rapists off death row too right?


jennifer_33106 - November 25

meredith880~ Try walking in someone elses shoes before you pa__s judgement.


meredyth416 - November 25

i must say that until you're in the position yourself, you don't really know what decision you'll make. And i mean the sasme scenario=- not just pregnant by your husband or by your boyfriend who is committed and will be there, or even pregnant and alone but at least having family around to help you. I didn't think I believed in abortion for myself, but until I was faces with this really difficult decision, I realized where I stand. Everybody's decision is their own. I have strong feelings about how far is too far along to terminate, but for myself, I knew I would suffer extreme depression and not be able to give this baby the life it deserved. And why didn't I put it up for adoption? Maybe it's an extremely selfish reason, but there is no way in the world I could have a baby out there and not be it's mother. No way. Abortion is a really touchy subject and I understand the point of view where some people in this forum are coming from. I had to do this knowing that at some point I'd have to forgive myself. I am halfway there. I am not happy with the decision, but I felt it was the only I could make. And to be honest, if I were even just a week further along, I couldn't have done it. That's a personal decision. As far as the ex fiance, I don't think I'll get back together with him. He's a wonderful man, but I have to have a balance- I have to feel something and I have to be with someone I trust and who won't leave me when times get difficult. I hope to find that one day and that is the man I want to raise a family with. This has been really hard, but I don't regret the decision I made.


grow_up - November 26

I am proud of you for being strong and that you can stand by your choice.


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

Good for you Meredyth, can you please get on some form of birth control now so you won't have to make such a "tough decision" again?! Ya'll say tough decision, I say easy way out. Whatever though. To each their own, right?


pomny143 - November 29

I too have gone through the same thing. All of those feelings are normal, and in time will subside. Do not let this effect the way you view yourself, or other men that may come into your life. I will say a prayer for you. Keep your head up. You made the best decision you could have made for yourself and should not feel guilty for doing so.


meredyth416 - November 29

you know, "tallgirl" if you're going to post something as rude and horrible as what you did, you should at least read what you're responding to. I was 6 weeks pregnant, not 5 months. Seriously, some people are just pathetic.


Macy - December 3

I also did not support abortions, although I always said the woman should be able to decide. This year I found out that in every pregnancy I have a 25% chance of having a baby with a serious birth defect. During the first trimester I can be tested and, if something is wrong, I can decide on abortion. Those are my only options. Suddenly abortion became real to me. It is one of the most horrible things that a woman can face. It is scary, immensely so. So, Meredyth, your situation was quite different from mine, but I don't believe for one second that this was just "an easy way out". It must have been heartbreaking. One day you will have your family, and in the meantime you must heal. Good luck.


Elisabeth S - December 4

I am appalled by some of the heinous things you bible hugging freaks have written....this is for support, not your psychotic religious views. I happen to be very spiritual and I know I didn't kill anything, I delayed it.....I delayed my baby (or cluster of cells for that matter, i was a few weeks) for the time being until my body can support a pregnancy.. meredyth880-especially you, i have a beautiful soul, screw you... and tallgirl u are the ones going to hell, practicing hate and judgement. I know more about spirt_tuality than either of you combined, its all about love, not freaks who conform to some psycho religious community because they don't know who they are....I had a freaking broken back....give me a break, stay off these forums.. give the women who posted this forum a break, you are not in any of our situations.....this is for women to help eachother.....the women saying these horrible lies about muder and such obviously have severe issues with themselves so they find the need to become psychotic about making other people feel bad...I am shaking right now...you disgust me..you women calling us murderers are the ones going to hell, thats all I have to say, I live my life in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE ..not hate and judgement, so i pity you.....and meredyth416, you have a lot of women in your situation who support you, ignore these freaks...it is your body, your choice...and you did it early


Elisabeth S - December 4

oh yeah, and there is a misconception that people who get pregnant and have abortions are not on birthcontrol, that is not always the case...I was on bcp and even had a bad feeling and went to get the morning after pill and the freak religious pharmacist refused to give it to me, I had to be somewhere for a few hours and then went to another pharmacy and by then it really was too late...and i get preg...i took every precaution...soo...to the judgemental haters out there, go worry about your own lives.....using abortion as birthcontrol is a despicable thing, but for women who are in a place where they are responsible and it happens....there should be no judgement, and who ever told me i should have given it up for adoption, you obviously cant read, i said, i had a broken back, if i could have carried the baby, which i wanted to do, I would have kept it....these freaks just really irritate me.......i appreciate all the wonderful women supporting meredyth44 and who didn't judge my story which i wrote to help meredyth come to terms with her decision, which was for the best for her....im just sickened by some of the women on here


meredith880 - December 4

Elisabeth S: If you are more religous than me than lets hear the verse from the bible that says abortion is ok? And im pretty sure it says A BABY IS A BABY FROM THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION! suck on that you sick person.



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