Wanted A Family In OHIO

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Single mother - October 27

I am a single mother of a young child already and one on the way. I am considering an open adoption and would like to interview you. Please let me know where you live. Thanks


noname - October 27

single mother, I am not trying to adopt your child, on the other hand I m in the same situation as you, I am preg with a little boy and am looking into adoption, closed adoption. I think it would hurt too much to see my child with other parents. I have one little girl that is 11 months, and i can't do it again right now... please respnd..


Single mother - October 27

I understand how you feel about a closed adoption. I wanted a open one at first so, I can make sure that the family is a good one then I will slowly back out of the picture and let that family raise the baby. I really want them to be in Ohio because that is where I live right now. The father skipped out when he found out I was pregnant. He liked my little boy but didn't "want" one of his own.


kate - October 27

i im not looking to adopt. but i have a really close cousin that cant have children they have tried everything. they live in utah if u would like to know more for single mother and noname! u can email me at [email protected] good luck and hope to hear from u


Noname - October 27

I know what you mean about making sure that its a good family..., how far along are you? I am 4 and a half months, and I feel like its too late for an abortion because I already heard his little heartbeat and seen his picture. At the beginning I didn't want an abortion because I wanted to keep him, but slowly I am starting to realize that I can't do this... I work , go to school, and my baby girl....


Single mother - October 27

5 months and I wouldn't dream of an abortion. I decided that I am unable to do this alone ( I wasn't till he skipped out) And Kate-I'm sorry I'm looking for someone in Ohio so, I can interview them. But thanks


noname - October 27

aren't you afraid of becoming attched to this baby and not wanting to give it up then, thats what I am afraid of... thus the abortion idea... but i couldn't.


single mother - October 27

Yes and No. I am trying to do what's right..right now. Ithink this is the better option for me and my 2 year old.


? - October 27

can i ask u a question single mother.. How are you going to explain to your little girl where her brother went.? I m not so sure your thinking this through. same dad for both arent they.. what does he think.. there is ways around all the little problems........your son will find u one da and want to know why he was givin up..please think about what your doing..... u have to care for one child already. why not him too? I jsut dont understand.. I a single mom of three teenagers.. Am preg again and wouldnt let money get in my way of raising a child. I also wrk full time with my own buisness.. this is not the place to be lookn for adopting parents either.. you dont know who these people are if they are going to sell your little boy on the black market.... please look into a reputable adoption agency you owe that to you baby.


Alyssa - October 27

I want to commend both you single mother and noname for skipping out on the abortion idea. Everyone has an opinion but people chose what they are going to do. I am all for adoption and I believe that there is no wrong in it. Your little daughter would much more beable to understand your choice for adoption then abortion I would think :) And who knows, maybe when the time does come you will decide to keep your little boy. You just don't know some things until it happens. Blessings to you and I pray that you will BOTH find the perfect family!


Concerned - October 28

I think it is great both single mother and noname chose to give their baby life! It takes so much courage to do what you are doing! But like ? said, please look in your phone book in the yellow pages under 'adoption' go through an agency only! Please! [email protected] is not who you need to be conacting! I have seen her on many post talking to single mothers. On one post she said her sister could not have kids and wanted to adopt, now her cousin? Seems fishy! If her cousin or sister want to adopt I don't understand why SHE is on here and not them! This is not the palce to meet people to give your baby to! You do not know these people at all. katewee why are you on every post like this giving out your email address, what do you want?


kate - October 28

tell me where i said my sister


To Kate - October 28

Sorry, I am not going to go back through all the post, but I remember reading it and thinking it was strange that you were on a pregnancy forum giving out your email address to girls who don't know if they want to keep their baby. If your sister or cousin or who ever wants to take in a baby, then that is wonderful- it really does not matter to me who it is! They have agencies for adoption and that is who they need to go through. Period.


to Single mother - October 28

Open adoption THEN slowly back out. Open or not once you have signed the boy away he is pretty much gone. Also I seem to recall some woman who wanted to adopt from Ohio coming back and saying that she could not continue her adoption search on the internet because it was illegal in Ohio. I don't know if the same is true for the adoptive mother, but you should check out adoption laws for your state.


jen - November 13

Single mother I was just wondering how you were doing and how your pregnancy is coming along. I hope you are well please email me with an update. I have so much I would love to share with you [email protected]



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