Wanting To Adopt With Open Adoption

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Shawna Joy - August 28

My name is Shawna Joy and I am an author of children's books. I'm looking for a very special birthmother who has specifically chosen to not abort her baby but to birth her baby and find a home for her baby. *I'm single, with a masters, and have over 15 years experience working with children in a variety of settings. I am working with the best adoption agency, which happens to be in Ohio. This agency works with birth mothers in all states. While they are looking for a birthmom, I have decided to look too! I have an approved homestudy, which means that I have submitted references, passed all background and fingerprint searches and have the financial and emotional stability necessary to raise a child. You can contact me with additional questions at [email protected] My heart is to be here for the young mothers to be, whether they choose to raise the child themselves or find a family for their baby. So if you need help with any of that feel free to ask me questions! I work at home, which I love, so I am usually available. If I do find a potential birthmother/family here, I want you to know in advance that all initial meetings/phone calls will be done through the agency to protect all parties involved. I do want an open adoption and would love for the birthmom to have contact with her baby over the years. This is important to me because, she made a great decision to have her baby and I just want her to know that. Her baby will be an example of a child who could have been aborted but instead was given life! I need to mention that I do not mind whether the baby is a boy or a girl or of a mixed ethnicity. However, I am very set in that I want a birthmother who has done her best to take care of herself and her baby during the pregnancy. This is very important to me and will be a deciding factor whether we are a good match or not. Hope to talk to you soon, even if you just need advice. I feel for young mothers. I know it's not an easy road your on. Thank you in advance for being so brave and choosing life for you little one! Much love, Shawna Joy!


- August 29

good luck


Shawna Joy - August 29

Hi to all! I was researching online to day and found that some states are very picky on how those seeking for birthmothers can find them. I guess the state I live in does not allow even post like this to be done. Sorry. So please do not respond to it because I cannot contact back to you. If you are pregnant and trying to find a home for your baby coming, I wish you well.


Nicole - September 1

Hey girl!!!!! i hope that you have all the blessings in adopting that God can send your way... i am also looking to adopt... if you ever need any one to talk to then you can e-mail me at: [email protected] or [email protected] id love to hear from you and chat back and forth.... GOOD LUCK AGAIN



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