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kahlie - February 17

i feel so sad all the time now, im only 18 and 7 weeks pregnant, my bf just broke up with me this week because he wanted me 2 have an abortion an i didnt want 2, the thing is he already has a daughter 2 sum1 else and i think the mother of his daughter is not letting him see his daughter coz im pregnant 4 him. he has tried 3 ways 2 get me 2 have an abortion, first he tried hurting me so bad by denying he ever sed he loved me and now sayin he hates my guts and that im an evil witch coz i wont have an abortion, then he tried sayin he was gon kill himself if i had the baby, and now he is threatenin me sayin he will get his cousin 2 smash me so i have a miscarriage... i dont kno why he is doin this because wen i was late 4 my period last year and we thought i was pregnant he was upset 2 find out i wasnt and now that i am he hates me... i just feel so alone in all this and i dont want my baby 2 grow up without a father coz i know how hard it is as i didnt grow up with a father, i have so much support off my mum and family and alot of other people and they tell me no matter wat 2 not go back 2 him an 2 not let him have anything 2 do with our baby if he ever changes his mind about this, and i dont want 2 be back wit him but if he wants me back and wants 2 be apart of our life i dunno if i can turn him down coz i want wats best 4 my bub and i want it 2 hav a father. i havent been 2 work all week and will probably loose my job over this but i just feel too depressed 2 get out of bed, i already suffered from depression an now things see so much more worse its like i have all this support but i still break down all the time. i just wish he would take responsibilty for wat was his mistake aswell an it hink he should coz he is 5 years older and should b more of an adult than me......


Rhiannon - February 17

I think you should go to the police with this. He is threatening you and your unborn child. I am so sorry you have to go through this, but you are not alone if your family supports you. Maybe your baby will not grow up with his/her biological father, but you will find someone who will love you and your child some time in the future. Good luck and never feel alone.


Terio - February 17

Kahlie, Kahlie... even you can't believe the words that you're typing, when you say you think it's best for father to be a part of the child's life. Re-read the horrible things you wrote. How could this person be what's best for your child? Look, you made one mistake by becoming pregnant.... don't make this a lifetime of bad mistakes by chasing after a man who clearly wants nothing to do with your child or you. Let him go and make the best life for you and baby. And be strong. Nothing could be better down the road than to right this situation and be the good mommy that you know you can be. THAT needs to be your top priority. Good luck Kahlie.



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