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can it be done - November 14

Im 7 months pregnant and was looking for a job the first 4 months of my pregnancy but didnt find one and Im only 17 which probably had alot to do with it well I graduate this year and I already applied to start college next year. the father of my baby doesnt want to help out so thats out and my parents have been helping me out but I dont want to be depending on them for everything I really want to be able to give my baby a good life so I do want to find a job and I really want to go to college its going to be for three years to do nursing and I really want to do that but I want to be a good mother and have time to raise and take care of my baby what can I do?


E - November 14

I think that part of being a good mom is securing a financially stable future for you and your child. I do not mean striking it rich but being independent & able to put healthy food on the table, dress your child in clean and decent clothes, and provide a safe and comfortable home. All things that every child deserves. Three years is short over the span of the 18 years your child will be living with you. I would put school at the top of the list as this is the only way to free yourself financially from being dependent on others. You will not regret it if you do but will likely regret it if you don't. You will be great mom:)


E - November 14

Besides, there is a huge nursing shortage so once you finish college, you will be able to secure a well-paying job almost immediately. I think full-time RN's start at ~ $50,000. Depends on the state but that is a ballpark figure. You could even go back for a masters once your child starts kindergarten. A masters is quite simple in some regards as you can still work full-time and take a few cla__ses on the side (some from home), write a paper and bam, you have a graduate degree which will earn you more money.


bmorebabe - November 17

Definately go to school if your parents are willing to help you for now let them you definately wont be depending on them forever especially once you graduate, I believe that going to school is the most important thing in the world I am a single mother of a 5 year old and a newborn and I regret not finishing school I also really want to go back but for me its going to be hard because I dont drive and I am on my own so I have to work and its hard to find babysitters. Please let your parents help you if they want to you can always do something nice for them in exchange, like make them a romantic dinner by candlelight and make plans to go out for the night. You are very lucky to have your parents being supportive of you at this time. Best wishes to you and your little miracle good luck with school.


keefersmom - November 17

Do the best thing for you and your child and find a couple to adopt it. Then get on with your life and when the time is right, find a nice guy, get married and have more children. If you choose the right family you will be able to watch your child grow and see that you made the right decision for you both.



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