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Lena - November 16

OK - here's my problem - I am 21 years old and am about 26 weeks pregnant. At around the time I got pregnant, I had been dating Alex for a couple of weeks. We broke up and I had a one night stand with another man that very weekend. We did not use any protection and he didn't use the pull-out system. I have not spoken to him since this incident. I didn't speak to Alex for a couple of months and when I was 4 months pregnant, he found out. He really wants to be the baby's father and so do I. I told him that the baby might not be his, and he said that it doesn't matter to him. The other guy has no idea that I'm pregnant and that it is probably his child. Alex asked me about the other guy and I lied and told him the other guy knew about the baby and that he didn't want anything to do with it. I know it's wrong, but Alex has been so great and is so excited about being a daddy that I don't want to spoil it. Am I wrong?


Christine - November 16

I dont think that you are wrong at all..but I dont agree with raising the child without having a blood test to determine the paternal father....it is your decision and thank god that you have what sounds like a good man to see you through...good luck


bmorebabe - November 16

Sounds similar to my situation with my first but it was more leaning towards it being my boyfriends child he was still there through the pregnancy and we got a blood test after she was born and it came back that she was his and we stayed together for another three years. I do agree with Christine though there should be a blood test to determine the biological father of your child. It will be more difficult if the two of you split up under bad terms and you have to get one then, and dont you think you will like to look at the child and compare to see who they look like?


Audrey - November 16

You could try explaining to the one-night-stand guy that you might be carrying his child, but rea__sure him that the child will be well cared for and he does not have to have any part of it if he doesn't want to. This will clear your conscience and give him the chance to come to terms with things.



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