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Sarah - February 21

I am 20 weeks pregnant, and i am not dating the father of my child. We have been intimate on and off for 2 1/2 years, and he has always been a good guy. When i first found out i was pregnant, he told me he was going to quit drinking and stop dating other girls. I just found out that he has been involved in an intimate relationship with a girl and been "hanging out" with a few others. By "hanging out" i think it means like watching movies and making out with. I am pretty sure it was only s_xual with the one girl since i've been pregnant. He also hasnt stopped drinking, which is fine. I didnt ask him to stop. My only request was that he be there for me and hang out wiht me some, but of course he is never around. Apparently it is ok for him to hang out with other girls, but he can't hang out with the one who is having his child. I know he wants to be a part of this child's life when it is born, but right now he's not being there for me at all. I continually tell him i need him to be around, but i have hung out with him ONE TIME in the past 15 weeks that i've known i'm pregnant. He also doesnt think there is anything wrong with the fact that he was intimate with someone else....nevermind me carrying his child. I keep thinking that if he's not gonna be there for me now then why should i let him be around later when he wants to be? I go to the doc tom. for an ultrasound to find out the s_x of the baby, and he was going to go,b ut i told him not to talk to me for awhile...at least until he realizes he needs to be there for me. Anyone else been in a situation like this?


Audrey - March 1

Sarah- I have not been in that situation but I sympathize with you. It seems to me that your bf is messing with you. He'd rather "hang out" with other girls and have his fun instead of taking responsibility for his child. You have to tell him straight that you need him to be in this child's life. If he won't, then he's being selfish and you're better off without him. Best of luck!


Kelsey - March 3

I think you should tell him you don't think you can handle this alone. Tell him you need more emotional support. Tell him if he can't be there for you like you need him to be that you will give the child up for adoption. Not that you really intend to. Just threaten him. maybe this will wake him up and make him think about what is really important. Just a suggestion. Good luck.


<Amy> - March 15

He will change his mind as soon as he see's his baby. Men love their children but hate the pregnancy bit, they don't feel the connection and it doesn't feel real to them as they are not carrying the child. I understand they feel like that but think it's selfish and they need to face reality. Leaving us women to deal with it on our own is just not fair. It takes 2 to tango.



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