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Jessica - May 20

I am 11 weeks pregnant for the first time. I ended my relationship with the baby's father a couple of weeks before I found out I am pregnant. He calls me drunk, yelling at me because his life is all messed up now, and flat out tells me he doesn't care how I am feeling or handling everything, as long as I give him a son he can be proud of. I feel so abandoned, and totally on my own. I am glad that he wants the baby (if it is a boy), but I want him to be more supportive of me and my wants, and not call me only when he is drunk. I have tried to explain this to him and his family, with no success. Please help me find a solution as to deal with this...I don't want to keep him from his child, but I don't want to be ridiculed and treated like dirt either.


Stephanie - May 20

Your situation looks like a train wreck waiting to happen. Your ex sounds like a loser who is only concerned with himself, and I bet his parents baby him to no end. I bet he is a spoiled little "mama's boy" who can do no wrong. (this is only a guess because it sounds like my ex). He should not care if he has a boy or a girl....and let him know the s_x of the child is up to him anyways. If I were you, I would get outta the relationship ASAP, and take care of yourself and your baby. If he is drunk and acting like an a__s, imagine what he will be like, drunk, with a newborn. Bad situation hun....Good Luck.


April - May 20

I agree with Stephanie... he sounds like a selfish loser... much like my ex who is 27 and moved back in with his parents (his mom babies him) and who only talks to me when I contact HIM... after a while you just learn not to expect anything from them... just do what's best for you and the baby.. and don't contact him, or expect him to contact you... I've been handling things a LOT better since I've stopped talking to my baby's father... he can't treat you like dirt if you don't talk to him, and trust me... I believe 100% what goes around comes around. People can't hurt other people and get away with it forever. Something will happen to bring him down. Just take care of you and your baby... and wait for the fireworks.



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