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oh god - July 28

i had s_x with a guy and we didnt use a condom but he didnt go inside me but right bye my vrigina am i?


- August 18



- November 25



Sad Girl - October 24

WOW, im sitting here at work, with nothing to do, and decided to look for this posting. I posted this like 3 years ago!


Sad Girl - October 24

okay UPDATE! I have learned that people simply just DONT change, i mean they might change for a little bit but eventually they go back to the same routine... Yes my EX bought a house for my daughter and I and everything was fine for a couple of months,,, then things started going back to how they use to be.... The "other girl" was no longer a problem anymore it was just him. He just doesnt know what he wants,,, even now 3 years later and at age 27. I ended up moving out a year later, and got my own place, have a good job, still going to school. Things r much harder for me, and sometimes i feel like yanking my hair out! But my baby is worth the struggles. He is a great father though, very much involved in my daughter's life, we have her 50/50 each and he helps me out financially as well. I think our relationship as co-parents is much better than the relationship we had. Point being,,, is im okay with being a single parent. Im 22 and have everything under control. I love my life the way it is now, and more importantly my daughter is happy, and healthy. If you have to be a single parent, dont be affraid! Trust and believe you can do it on your own. And you know you will feel d__n proud of urself for doing it on your own without the help of anyone else. so yea thats it.


socurbaby7 - October 24

sad girl... one thing you always have to remember about what melissa said is that people have love and then they have a great love... and no matter what your ex will probably be your great love... if and when u finally can move on think about the person your with... and wonder if they have had that great love too... because you could be that for them and that could make you feel amazing... just make sure u return the love they deserve... try and remember that you don't want to do to them what was done to you... i just say that because im trying to get over my "great" love who is my babys father.... and it's like impossible... and before i found out i was preggo by him i tried dating another man and he was perfect... but i knew i couldnt love him that way i loved my ex and it wouldnt be fair to put him through that.... it's incredibly hard to be around the one you love.... because no matter what thsose feelings are there andthey will probably never leave you... i dont really know my point... guess im jus venting a little... life goes on right?



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