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lilmama05 - May 17

I was with a guy s_xually for i month before learning i was pregnant. I told him i was pregnant and right off he planned on getting rid of the baby, i really didn't know what to do because this was my first time getting pregnant. Well now i am well into my 24th week, and i can't even get him to hold a simple conversation with me, he is completely ignoring me until he wants "something". I am alone and i really did like this guy, i liked the relationship we had it was good s_x, he was nice, and he did nice things, but i have to admit we were never a couple. Now he has moved on and i am lost. What Happened?


frankschick2001 - May 17

What happened is, you both decided to take the relationship to the next step many times without ever having the conversation about "what happens if...." Sometimes ignorant men will a__sume that you are on birth control. And unfortunately if you do not want to become pregnant, then there are a lot of things you can do to prevent it. He is probably not really speaking to you or hanging out with you anymore because as you stated, you guys were never really a couple in the first place and getting pregnant doesn't change that. You just need to make him understand that he has equal responsibility in this no matter what the state of your relationship. As far as being in a romatic relationship with you, if it;s not happening, forget it. You have bigger fish to fry right now.


Emma2 - May 17

What happened is real life with big responsibilities. This I dont think at this point you make this guy understand you , he clearly does not want to be responsible and you will have to be strong and support this child and possibly alone for a while. You have to get child support!


April - May 17

I think the best thing that you could do for yourself right now is to move on. Stop thinking about all the great things that you had together... none of that was real because he just showed you his TRUE colors. Do you REALLY want to be with someone who would just totally run at the first hint of a responsibility? I know I wouldn't. He's not the guy that you thought he was. But don't worry... some day you'll find a man who's everything you want him to be and more. He'll love your child as his own and he'll love you and treat you the way you should be treated.. and he WON'T run off when you need him. So stop thinking about your ex-loser and start thinking about your future. You'll feel a whole lot better once you do.


April - May 17

Oh... and don't stress yourself out by trying to get him to be involved. If he doesn't want to be involved, you can't make him. If he doesn't want to talk, you can't make him. That's something I learned during my pregnancy. Things definitely got a LOT better for me once I understood that and let go. So why don't you just give him a taste of his own medicine and when he comes around wanting "something"... that's your turn to ignore him.


Emma2 - May 18

I think giving someone a taste of his own medicine is considered games. You have no time for games..You need to get on with your life and be mature and realistic about this. The more games you play the more hurt you will be ...Face it now that he will not come around for the right reasons and you need to be prepared to move on ..That simple!


April - May 18

It's not games when you're pregnant and choosing to ignore someone who's stressing you. That's doing somethin gfor the best interest of yourself and your baby... with the added benefit of giving him his own medicine.



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