What Happened There Didn T Stay There

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Jayneedssupport - January 7

I went on vacation in December and ended up sleeping with the owner of the place where we stayed. I was on birth control and we used protection. I'm sure he sleeps with many women that come through and I was just the flavor of the week. Do I tell him? If I tell him, how and when do I tell him? His life style is not the life style that allows him to be a father. He lives across the country from me. Do I even go through with having this baby? I am so lost and feeling very lonely right now. If anyone has ever gone through the same situation and has advice, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks


Teddyfinch - January 8

you said you used protection, but you're still pregnant? did the condom break? was he the only man you've been with around your "O" time?


lunamoo - January 8

If you were on birth control and he used a condom the I would not worry! Unless you are not telling us the whole story....


jezebel1018 - January 8

im guessing someone else is the father, if in fact you are pregnant.


Jayneedssupport - January 9

It can't possibly be anyone elses. I hadn't slept with anyone else in several month and seeing as how I'm only 5 weeks along, it has to be his. I didn't ask for help to be judged or called a liar. Something went terribly wrong and I don't know what to do. I took 4 pregnancy tests because I thought for sure this couldn't be real.


Teddyfinch - January 10

ok then. who cares if his lifestyle doesn't allow him to be a father. he shouldn't be planting his seeds in every girl that pa__ses. yeah you tell him and have the baby if you'd like. they don't call them blessings for nothing =P


Macy - January 10

You are right, you don't need to be judged. Give him a chance to be a father, but only if you choose to go on with this pregnancy, otherwise, no point in having pressure from him also. It might also be extremely helpful in the expensive months to come to have financial support from the father. Remember, allowing him to be in on this doesn't mean you have to marry him. Good luck.


Jayneedssupport - January 11

Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how when and where.


Franny - January 12

Let us know what you do. If you decide you will have your baby, then you should tell him ASAP. Pregnancy alone is so scary, and in your situation I can imagine it to be much worse. Hopefully you have family to support you. Good luck!



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