What Is His Problem

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stressed - April 19

i have told my b/f i am pregant, and now he is acting like i don't exist, he doesn't call, when i call he say i will cb and doesn't, why is he acting like this? now it's even more difficult to tell my family when i don't have a guy arnd. i m not crying about it, but physically i feel iam am having anxiety, this will be my first child. the worst part that really scares me is i have seen not only this happen to my friends but family, i don't want to be another one to the list. how should i handle this should i just walk away or make an effort w/ this guy


~S~ - April 19

That's c___ppy, I'm sorry to hear this. I'm somewhat in a similar postion as you as that I too don't live with my bf and it's difficult being pregnant and not having him around. Although he's very accommodating to me and calls me a lot...But as for your situation, even though there's no excuse for his behavior to you maybe he's just scared and doesn't know how to accept this? How old is he? Is this his first child? Maybe he's acting like most "not quite ready" fathers and doesn't know what the heck to do, how to accept the fact that he's going to be a daddy, so therefore, his way of dealing with it is in denile? Although, this is totally unfair to you, men can be like this, especially if they're not ready, feel their too young and is there first child. My bf has 2 beautiful daughters from a previous relationship. Although he's experienced in this situation, the idea of me being pregnant is still a huge suprise to him and he's even said many times "I can't believe I'm having another child" he finds himself snapping into reality and when we first found out I was pregnant, he kinda didn't believe it for some time, that is, until he came with me to the ultrasound. Anyways...You should really voice your feelings about your bf's att_tude and explain to him how it makes you feel and that it's unfair to you, because it's not like you can escape from this, even if you wanted just as much as him. If he's not willing to Man up to this situation and take some responsibility because after all, it takes 2 to make a baby, then you should consider your options of leaving him, at least until he's ready to be responsible. Good luck and hang in there.


stressed - April 24

yes he has 2 other children, iam 25yrs old and he is 30yrs old, the whole complication is that he wants to get back w/ his ex who has his 7mth old. now what do i do??



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