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shakara - May 13

iam now 12wks preg and considering an abortion because i fear my families disapproval, also the baby's father will not be arnd. is my life going to be messed up if i keep the baby? i am over the age of 20 and do wrk full-time, but i am just confused, will i be depressed or regret having an abortion?


for shakara - May 13

you will always always always regret having an abortion. Trust me... i know. please consider adoption. Esp since you're already through your first 3 months... there are so many families that would love your child. if you do decide to keep, you CAN do it on your own. so many women do!


ur still young - May 13

your i think u should have an abortion. i did and i don't regret it! at first you feel sad but you get over it. you are still young and have a life to live. if you decide to keep the baby and give it up for adoption you will regret it forever, wail untill you ready, because it sound like you are unsure of your own capabilty.


? - May 13

listen misery enjoys company, like i said before an abortion is not so wrong, imagine in year where you will be at and think about your firends and all the good times you will miss out on because you will be at home w/ a baby. take it from i have a son and i love him soooooooo much, but i too was young and was depressed when i saw all my friends going out.


April - May 13

all i have to say... is that if you have to ask the question on whether or not you should get an abortion... you shouldn't... because you will most likely regret it for the rest of your life


momo - May 13

like jada pinkett smith said: "girls hold up this world!" we women look out for each other, there is so much support for you whatever your decision. Besides your if you keep your child your family will apologize for any pressure you now feel on their behalf. You know why? they will love your child and not be able to see your family whithout it. You will feel the same way. Your life is only messed up if you think of it in that way. My life was messed up before i had my son, only i didn't know it until he had been alive for a year. Being unsure is not enough reason for an abortion. You'll be amazed at the reserves of strength and character are inside of you. I say seek professional help, they are trained to truly help you in an unbiased way. All they do is help you evaluate all options then give you emotional space to look inside yourself and make a decision.


sk5 - May 13

hey girl. I think that almost every girl who gets prengant and is all alone considers having an abortion. But a lot of the ones who have an abortion regret it and will never do it again. Also there are the people that can have 10 abortions and it doesn't phase them at all. My best friend had on a little over a year ago and she said she will never do it again. Right now I am 17 weeks along and all alone. I ditched all my friends for my now ex bf. I am having a really hard time. But your family loves you and they WILL be there for you. My family is very religious and I should be married etc. But ya know what they're more excited about this child than I am right now. I am 20 and working full time but there are other things that are options for you now. The government helps you out all you have to do is go apply. To answer your question on if you life is going to be messed up if you keep the baby, I don't believe so. It will be different. But you can still go to school if you plan on it. Your life may get a little tough from time to time but as everyone keeps telling me, "Once you have that baby in your arms, none of it's going to matter any more." So I keep hoping that they're right. I wish you the best of luck shakara.


you will regret it - July 24

Yes you will regret it. I had an abortion 3yrs ago and I'm not over it yet. I regret everyday that goes by to the point I got so depressed. Trust me don't do it a child is a blessing. You will regret. If I could turn back the hands of time I would have kept my baby. I did it because the father was stressing me out and he said he was not ready for a baby. Never worry about a man. Only a person who has had an abortion knows how you feel if you never had one you can't comment. Now I'm 5mths pregnant and I'm so very happy. Trust me it's a blessing. How if something happens to you when you have it ,death or maybe you may never have kids again. It to late now.



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