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BBC - March 13

I was told several years ago that I couldn't have children, so my boyfriend (whom I haven't been dating long) and I weren't being very careful. So to recently find out I am pregnant was wonderful news. The not so wonderful news is that I found out that my boyfriend has been doing drugs the whole time we were together. He is also taking his last class this semester before he graduates which consists of two hours a week. He hasn’t even bothered to get a job instead he sells drugs just to pay for his habit and lives off his parent’s money to pay for his living expenses. I have been working 74 hours a week just to get by with paying for my bills. On top of paying for my bills I loan him money that he says he will pay me back but never does. So, needless to say I broke up with him. He says he wants to be with me but has yet to stop selling drugs or doing them for that matter and still tries to lie to me about it all. I'm not stupid...... I always find out that he is lying to me one way or another. I really don't know what to do because his parents are trying to be there for me but they don’t know what to do either. They are aware of his drug problem because they have gone through this before. But they want him to finish his last semester in school before they try to do anything. So in the meantime I have to save every single penny I can to move 10 hours away to live with my mom so she can help me when its time for the baby to come. Although my ex and I haven’t been together long I still care for him tremendously and want so bad for us to be together especially for our babies sake. He has not called me in a while now and I am stuck on what to do. I am sitting here 10 hours away from anyone that cares for me for about 5 more months until I save up enough money to move home. All I want is to have someone here that can care for me and take care of me while I am pregnant but I have no one. I don’t know what to do except be lonely and depressed.


mommybabyboy21 - March 13

You can't ask your mom to send you money to move sooner? also when you move, how are you going to support yourself and your baby? these are just the questions that popped into my head. As for your bf...until he gets help I don't think he is good for you though I complete understand and empathize with you. Doing the right thing isn't always easy...and being in love with a loser (sorry I called him that that is what I call my ex and I am still very much in love with him) hurts but now you have someone growing inside of you that needs you and your love more and you have to focus in on that love. if you want to talk some more just let me know :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 16

The way I see it, the drugs may win him over and he may never even be around. If that is the case you are better off without him. You don't want that around the baby and until you know he has changed and can actually stay changed you need to be with your mom...and I would say that if she could save any money and help you out would be great. Not to mention though this guy doesn't have you as a priority and it may take years before he comes around...I feel for you, but I say you get him off your mind now and try to do what you can for your baby.


ShaunaLeigh - March 16

i hear you guys there, im in a town that i dont have any family that can realli help me out... I have a couple friends that have been great but its not the same as ur own family to help & support you. I have three boys... the third one with a different guy who dont accept him or want him... so i got no help from him or his family. So i know ur pain & where ur comin from, its rough, but i have faith that if you keep ur head held high... & just know that things can only get better they will.. thats my savin grace, is to know that there is always someone out there that has it way worse than me... & im grateful to to have my boys...



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