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cdeane81 - December 12

h__lo ladies i am 30yo with my 1st child 17weeks pregnant its seems like alot of c__p is happening to me all at once. i broke it off with the babys father before i found out i was pregnant he is a flake then i found out i was prego told him he acted stupid for 2mo now he is kinda good hes all tryna be with me but im not sure i want him after 2mo of bs besides i broke up with him for a reason me being prego not gonna change a thing. any who i filed bankruptcy 6mo before i found out i was preggo... they jus took my car 1month ago... im car less soo im ridiing the bus to work in jan im gonna lose my medical insurance i plan on geting medicad but i gotta make less money to do sooooooo my mom keeps tellin me to come home what should i do ????????????????


cdeane81 - December 12

my mom lives out of state id be living rent free and bill free pretty much its not like i have alot of bills here i have very little pls help me


Grandpa Viv - December 15

Trouble comes in threes? You could keep right on trucking and tell everyone you have no choice but adoption - you and the baby and the adoptive parents would all be better off. Failing that, it sounds like your mom would like some company - why not take her up on her offer? If you can arrange to get laid off and collect unemployment for a bit, that would help.


searching - December 25

could we help each other??? Are you considering adoption plan? feel free to contact me. hope it works out for you. peterjanap at gmail dot com Jana.


pregnant_single - February 17

If you are single and pregnant, you don't have to be! Check out my profile for Facebook page information on finding a man that will love and adore you during and after your pregnancy, or search 'Pregnant and Single' in Facebook. I have also established a Yahoo group called 'PREGNANTNSINGLENLA' to put single pregnant women together with men who possess a strong s_xual attraction for pregnant woman. So, if you're still pregnant and single, that is purely your choice as you don't have to be.



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