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sakhmet - March 20

So you start dating a guy, you really like the guy, and no you have not had protected s_x with him...I know my fault, but now you find out after 4 weeks of dating, you are 4 weeks pregnant with his baby. He suggests having an abortion, cause its bad timing. Yeah cuz that's the baby's fault. You decide to keep it. He sticks around, but is really distant. At the 5th month check up, you both go this time, and get the sonogram that its a girl. He is estatic. Until you want to have s_x with him, cuz its been two months now since he's been romantic with you, and a fight breaks out. He thinks you are the perfect girl for him, never been treated this good before, loves your kids (2 boys), loves your cooking, etc. He's just not "romantically attracted to you" so you tel him fine, go do what you need to When you pull your head outta ur butt, call me. Its been three months since he's seen or spoken, even called you. Oh by the way, he is 38, not 18. No kids of his own, never married before, and his mother was "last you knew" VERY excited about becoming a grandma, for the first time.......I am doing this all alone, and am okay with this, but what do I say when he calls after she is "born," he knows she is due May 21, what would you say when he calls, after having no contact for 5 months? Any advice would be great....Thanks for any and all advice you present. And please remember, if anyone has nothing nice to say, about my decision to keep the baby and not being more responsible, I have heard it and felt it all before, remember its a pregnancy forum, we have feelings and tend to cry when hurt.


Cheryl - March 20

Maybe he is just scared. You might consider talking to his mom about your feelings, being a woman she would understand what you are going through. And being his mother she would know how to talk to him. Good luck.


Jae - March 21

hi.... my sons father called after 5 years!!! i gave him a second chance & it was the worst thing i ever done. not only did he break my heart again but he broke my sons heart too.... i know you dont want to go it alone, but its a rareity that a guy will change, if he cared about you & your daughter he would be there now wouldnt he? as would his mother? do what you feel deep in your heart & do what is best for that baby... is it better to have a deadbeat dad? or no dad at all?


Kathy - March 23

Dear, I read your post with great interest and a tear in my heart but you know what? You are better than this joker. Even if you have to spend the rest of your life alone, I would do that sooner than welcome him back in your life. Again, if you're stupid and do take him back, you'll send up like Jae's story which is pathetic. Just get a lawyer, get the dough that's coming to you and move on. If you've got a good heart, true love will eventually find you. This guy just isn't it. Good luck.


sakhmet - March 24

I truely appreciate those who have responded, and appreciate their compa__sion. However, I KNOW he's gonna call after the due date. Then what, I have no intention on taking him back, but do I allow him to come see her and pretend like this pregnancy thing was just a phase, or do I tell him, uh sorry, I don't know anyone by the name of &^$$%%^ you must have the wrong number. I know I can't be nice, not since he was so hurtful and uncaring while my body created her....but will she end up hating me later for being like that to her father?


Aishah - March 24

Maybe we place too much emphasis on the pregnant phase. Yes we are pregnant and yes we need support but you better believe that the real test comes after the baby is here. You will forget the lonliness of the 9 months but there is NOTHING worse than a man that is around your child that isnt benefitting the child in any way or form. My three sons have NO contact with their father...I was married...he decided he didnt want to be a part of their life...what can I do...now the father of my unborn wont be around during this pregnancy and who knows how he will be after...but I dont feel any way at all. I dont care..whatever..Im concerned with being healthy in MY self not forcing him to play a role that hes not able to play....Just focus on yourself...


Grandpa Viv - March 27

I'm thinking your man is bi, or has a recurrent STD, or has another liaison. Call him on it, and tell him it's OK, but does he or does he not want to have a relationship with this, his kid? The child will be happy to know its father, if only occasionally. Courage, woman! Your boys will be glad to have a baby sister.



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