When I Told My Baby S Father That I Was Pregnant He Left

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Dawn - September 7

I'm 28 and 30 weeks pregnant. You are old enough to make your own decisions. I'm going thru the same thing your going thru, and my family wasn't too happy about it at first, but I have told them I'm better without him. Would rather have no support than the type of support I was getting from him. When I first told my baby's father that I was pregnant he tried forcing me to have an abortion. Your family will come around, if not now then they will after the baby is born. Keep your chin up, it'll get better.


Margo Reid - September 12

Hun you're in the same shoes as Me, I suggest you go ahead and tell them you're pregnant. They might take a long time to forgive you, but in the mean time they can help you find the help you need. go to DFCS they can help you. I am also 24 yrs old, and bless with a beautiful baby girl. UM, YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE NO-MORE STRESS ON YOURSELF- WHICH CAN CAUSE YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT or the matter of fact lose your baby. babies are a blessing from God. He sounds like a looser, what man would leave a girl pregnant-you know what that's not even a MAN. He's nothing. I wish I had listen to my parents, when they told my boyfriend was up to no good. A guy with ambitions would have stayed with a gal, and help out with his responsiblities, and don't let the girl handle it on her own. but a man without, is a played out fool, who needs to know how to be responsible for his actions. Some guys just want to be around to fool around, but when something goes wrong, they try to bail on us. Tell your parents, since he's gone. They will take the place of him and help out with you.


Linsey - September 15

I dont really have an answer but i read you question and realized that there is someone else out there just like me. I am only 18 at the time, but the same thing happened to me, and i mean the same thing. I an 3 months pregnant now, but when i told my bf that i was pregnant he left me, and my parents disliked him b4 because the thought he was a loser also and they wanted me to get rid of him, but i didnt. Well i told my parents and everything is alright now, you posted that along time ago so i am sure that by now you have already had the baby, so good luck.


ChickieFromNC - September 26

Well, let me add my story to this thread. I, too, am in the same boat and would like to know how the original poster (and the others here) are doing. I am 36, the donar left when I told him 2 weeks ago that I was 5 weeks pregnant. Of course, this was after spending 30 minutes telling me to abort, another 10 telling me to put the baby up for adoption, more time wasted while he discussed how this was going to change HIS life. I gave him thirty seconds to hear me say, (in not so nice terms) to "bite me" and get off my phone line! Then there was the one last call to tell me he was about to take 2 packages of sleeping pills...Lawd that man's a win-nah! (Please note the sarcasm) I am glad he is gone now so that I would not have gotten to the point where I was depending on him and that be the time he left. It amazes me how men can claim to rule the world but cannot handle a small bump in the road. I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to carry this baby. I know it is a wonderful happening that not every woman can experience. I hope all of the ladies on this list that have been placed in this situation when they least expect it are able to pull from the strength of family, friends and strangers to become the most beautiful and wonderful mothers these precious angels could ever have. (Hope I can always remember to do the same myself.)


I feel you - September 27

Hey! I'm in the same boat. I'm 22 and 6 months along. When I told my baby's father I was pregnant I was sure he would be supportive (he already had a 7 yr old son) but instead he told me I was stupid for not getting rid of "it". It was really hard, especially when my family asked when we were getting married. I've been alone for 5 months now and I'm so happy. I'm glad he showed his true colors before I let him be a part of my child's life. Now, I've decided not to go after him for child support and not to even put his name on the birth certificate. That way, he has no rights to the baby. I suggest not trying to make him be a part if he doesn't want to. It will only be harder on the child when he/she gets older, but don't worry, you can do it. Just keep in mind that he's out of your life now and hopefully won't be around to do any damage to YOUR baby.


estellefelicia26 - March 2

wow thats allot to take in)": Actualy i know I shouldnt be the one asking questions but ive just been feeling so alone lately and well the thing is i had a one night stand with a guy we talked about it and he seems like a really nice lad, its just we both accepted the fact we just need to stop feeling guilty and move on with our lives, but i have a problem now i am pregnant with his child and i dont know how to tell him i dont know if hes going to act like im the one to blame for all of this i dont know what is going to happen, does anybody have any ideas on how to come across and tell him? should I tell him? and what do you think he will do, afterall we only had a one night stand..


SqueakyWheel - November 14

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their story with me via my email address Jennifer@SqueakyWheelCasting [dot] com ...I'm reaching out to women who are either pregnant now (11/14/17) or have a toddler 3 years old or younger, but don't know who/where the baby's father is. We have a female private investigator looking into these cases, and reuniting families.





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