When Will Things Look Up Again

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ME - November 5

Hey. I am typing because I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Do you ever feel like life is never going to get better no matter how long you wait for it to? The past year and a half has been bad for me and I everytime I see some sunshine it is only followed my a tornado. I am nine months pregnant with my second child (by the same guy) and it seems like no matter how hard I try we can't get it right. I say I try because I really don't see where HE is trying. My mother was keeping our 4 year old tonight and we (my guy and I ) were going over to some friends house. Well everyone was drinking and having a good time- except me because like I said I am nine months pregnant and about the only thing that is fun for me right now is thinking about going into labour. Well we are there and my b-friend tells me about an old friend of ours he saw last night AT THE BAR! (We are not living together right now) long story. So of course I am going to be upset because last night while I sat at home pregnant and took care of our 4 year old, he was out with his buddies AS USUAL. So I tell him to take me home, I am ready to go. So he does- and of course he didn't offer to leave the party for good and be with me, no he goes back to the party! Why do some guys have to be so mean when there are so many out there that are good to there wives and girlfriends? Why can't my guy be good to me? All I want is a happy family and to have our own place again, but he is all about hanging out with his friends, I mean he is 25 years old, its not like he is a damn kid! All he has ever made me do is cry, he has hurt me so much and I am always right here for him. Why doesn't he see that I need him and so does his daughter and in a couple of weeks so will this little boy. He never thinks of us and I am beginning to believe he never will.Lord knows I have tried my best, I really have. But I don't think it is right for me to look past his hanging out all the time with friends and not saying anything just because I want to keep him happy, it shouldn't be that way. I don't know what to do anymore, should I just say enough is enough and I am done with you? I have never said that, he is quick to tell me that, but I have never left him because I love him. If he gave a damn about me he would be with me right now, not at a party getting drunk while I am on a damn pregnancy forum crying! I just wish my life would get better, I know I have a beautiful daughter and a baby in my stomach to be thankful for, I just need life to look brighter then it does right now. Thanks for listening.


Jen - November 6

Hi me, some guys (unfortunately) never grow out of the "partying stage," and they end up nowhere in life. My best advice to you, would be to sit down and tell him that he needs to get serious about life and your guys future. Tell him you're not happy because he doesn't take into consideration how you feel. I know that sounds lame but you got to be honest with him. And, if he doesn't care or seem to, or say "ok" and then a week later it's same old same old-then that is a sure sign that he will always be this way. I know you love him, but you come first, not his friends. You put him first-right-making him happy-not saying anything. And he knows it. A few reccomendations, don't live with this guy-no matter what he says-take care of you and your kids. I would even pull anyway a little. Let him party and don't seem so available. He'll releize that something isn't right, and if he cares, he'll try to fix it. Stay strong though. think of your future-where do you want to go/do/be? Does he think the same as you? If not, it isn't going to work. I have relationships that have seemed the same-I refused to be with someone who wanted to spend their life in a bar. Good luck to you!


ME - November 6

Hey, Jen- Thanks for the advice. I am feeling better today, you know somedays just REALLY suck and some aren't so bad. lol As of now we are still together, but in a few weeks when I have this baby if he doesn't get serious about our future(which he says will) I WILL say the hell with ya buddy! I am about to have two kids to take care of and I be d__ned if he is going to act like a bigger kid then my 4 year old! Anyhoo talk to ya later. :)



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