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kasparkles - July 6

Hi, I need an opinion. I am 28 and and just found out i am pregnant. I am single. Here is the situation. My last period started on 5/20/06--I think I may have missed a pill or two which is why it started, I am having trouble remembering exactly, I feel like it was a fairly short period, probably only 5 days. I had s_x on the night (late, late) of 5/28 and morning of 5/29, no condom, he pulled out--we had s_x 3 times (so day 9 and 10 into my cycle). Then, on Friday night 6/2 morning 6/3 I had s_x with another guy, twice--both times he wasn't wearing a condom at first until I realized that it was a bad idea and he put one on. He also did not c_m inside me. In fact, I seem to recall that even with the condom on he pulled out to c_m. I was definitely more worried about this one and took the morning after/Plan B on Monday afternoon within the 72 hour time frame. Now I am pregnant and not sure which guy is the father. It's horrifying and embarassing. I have always wanted kids, but never wanted to go about it this way. I know that to know for sure I will need to do a paternity test, but does anyone have experience with something like this or an opinion for me otherwise? My general practicioner seems to think it could go either way--that while the 29th would be on the early end of fertility Plan B is pretty effective (85%) --he's almost inclined to go wtih "the first exposure" guy #1. If I had my preference it would be #1, and this may be weird and totally irrelevant, but even before I found out or suspected I was pregnant I had a few dreams about #1 and his family--I'd sort of been casually seeing him for about 18 months and never had any sort of dreams like this before--do you think my body knows something I don't? I do know that if had already been pregnant, Plan B would not have done any harm. Just looking for opinions and support. thanks.


MelissaP - July 6

This is just an opinion...but I think it is probably guy # 1's child. There was enough time in inbetween the two that you could have gotten pregnant and the plan B wouldn't have even mattered. I am skeptical with guy #2 because you took plan b soon after within the time frame. I would bet my money on guy #1. Hope I made sense


MelissaP - July 6

oh..and the fact that he used no condom and used the pull-out method increases your chances for it to be guy #1's rather than #2's....since yuo used a condom,he possibly pulled out AND on top of that u used plan B...


kasparkles - July 6

thanks for the reply. i've talked to my general practicioner and a nurse pract_tioner at my obgyn now and both are inclined to guess at #1, but it really is just too close to call--though they will try to pinpoint it a little bit better if possible with an ultrasound--however the ultrasound machine was broken today--what luck!


pinkbo0tlace - July 8

probably guy #1, your dr wouldnt have any reason to put doubt in you :)


kasparkles - September 6

Well, I did the paternity test with a CVS procedure. It was guy #2. I am totally heartbroken. He is in agreement with me that he need not be involved in the baby's life--it's for the best, he really does not want kids and I have a great family willing to support me. I really am devastated it wasn't the first guys. I really like him a lot. But unfortunately, he doesn't feel the same about me and now has a new trashy girlfriend. This after his brother (they are super tight), his sister in-law, and one of his best friends have told him repeatedly how he needs to be with me, how much they like me. Why would he choose someone else? I haven't told them I am pregnant yet, it could change their minds. It's just all yucky. I am glad I know now, because the anxiety was horrible, however I will say that the CVS test was a bit scary. Not the procedure itself, my was transv____al and a piece of cake. But I had some slight bleeding the next morning which is normal and quickly turned to dark brown spotting. Then, 48 hours later i gushed a lot of blood. I was terrified. They said it was a normal side effect from the procedure and did an ultrasound to check the baby---everything was fine. It really just was so awful, and made me realize that in the end it didn't matter to me who the father was, I just wanted the baby. Now that I know my answer I continue to remind myself of this and not just continue to be so upset it isn't #1s. I suppose it will pa__s. I just hope it's soon. All of these extra hormones aren't helping any.


tyler0323 - September 7

Im glad you sorted everything out for find the right dad. gl with everything


preciousjewel - September 8

I have the same problem but I've come to the conclusion that I just have to wait and see. It sucks.


tyler0323 - September 8

what do you mean wait and see?


MelissaP - September 10

wow....i was so convinced it was guy #1's. Guess if god has a plan for you..it's going to happen no matter what!(plan b and pulling out!) Well, good luck and have a happy and healthy nine months. Take care of yourself and try not to stress too much over the father


wyckedli - September 11

Wow, i thought it was number one too...But congrats on your pregnancy and its good to know that you love your baby no matter who fathered your angel.


Lady_tee - September 15

Hi I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I had a friend that happened to but the guy had a girlfriend but I say to you like I told her keep your head up because you have a son/daughter to think about. Time heals.



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