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Mimi - July 20

My boyfriend at the early stage of our relationship wanted children but he was not stable now we are both stage he does not want any children, he is blaming me for all what has happened *by the way I found out I was pregnant at 4MTHS* when i told my boyfriend. cutting the story short he is blaming me for becoming pregnant and that if i have the baby i will have to move or he will just disappear. i feel he isjust trying to make me scared. I am nownow 5MTHS. I at the time called the clinic and doctor and confirmed i have gone to far aheard to have an aboration HELP!!! what do i do next i don't want to get rid of it, now he is telling me that women know if there pregnant or not and to tell the truth i didnt. I feel all alone and rejected. what do i do??? my friends say he will get over it and come to terms Will he...??


m - July 19

first off you can't get pregnant alone give him alittle time if he doesn't come around don't fret you can do it you will be fine and if he is enoough of a jerk to take off and leave you then he wasn't worth having around in the first place. i am a single mother of two and to make a story short he treated me very badly and told me i could never make it without him however i am doing just fine so don't give up it will be hard at first but you can do it have faith in yourself and always remind yourself you don't need him there to make it you may want him and its great if he stays with you


SaRaH - July 20

Y are men so ok with walking out or threats? I think that women should give them an option!! It is NOT easy to do it alone but if he is so willing to leave and just let things be then he doesnt wanna be there anyway! I hope everything works out for you! GOD BLESS!!!


dymond - July 20

i was in a situation near yours- when i first found out i was pregnant i was already alittle over 4 months and seriously had no clue i was pregnant due to having my periods while being pregnant. im only 17 and my bf (now ex) was supportive at first till reality hit then he split. i truly see it that if he feels having a baby is a burden then hes the one whos missing out. if you wish to keep this baby, you can-with or without him. trust me, i knwo how hard it is but i cant explain to you how much support from family and friends can help. im now 34 weeks pregnant and started going into preterm labor on the 11th- but to be honest, as hard as it was moving on with out him becuz he blamed me for getting pregnant still doesnt compare to the joy i feel inside and the excitement i have as far as looking forward to having my baby girl. i wish you the best of luck and hope you and your bf come to solid grounds. but kep in mind that you can keep this baby and live a happy life with or without him. may gd be with you and oyur unborn child.


Freda - November 15

If he is really being that negative and unsupportive then maybe you should let his a__s go. This is a very joyous time in your life and if he doesnt want to be a part of it, that's on him. Speaking from my experience, it is not all that hard to raise children on your own. Be strong and think of you and your unborn baby.


Audrey - November 16

Why should he blame you for getting pregnant? It takes two to tango. Young men are keen about s_x but they rarely think about the consequences, and when something does happen they get scared. Sit down with him and talk about your options together, give him the facts and try not to blame him in any way. If you need extra support you have your family or perhaps there are support groups in your area.



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