Why Are Men So Confusing

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jenlynn1176 - December 10

I will try and make this short and to the point but it is a difficult situation...any advice is greatly appreciated! Ok, i started seeing this guy last March and found out I was preggers in May, so I tell him and he is excited because he never knew his father. About 4 months into the pregnancy his tells me that he is not sure what he wants and that he needs some time to think. So on my birthday I get a text from him saying that HE has decided that he wants to be around his/our son everyday...WTF, where in the h__l have you been the last 4 months. I dont get to sit around and think about things why should he. So now I am talking to him again but lucky if I see him once a week (granted me do live about 50 miles apart and that is the excuse that I always make for him). So know he wants to get a house and be a happy family and I am so confused and dont know what I should do. Do I try and do this on my own or see if things can work out?


rr6436 - December 10

I say don't depend on this guy becuase he has not shown that you can depend on him. You need to concentrate on doing what is best for your baby and that means taking care of things yourself. If after the baby is born he is consistent in being around for the baby then proceed but at this point h has not shown that you can count on him hwen you really need to.


newlywed0915 - December 14

he probably just got scared...he never had a father in his life...so this is going to be completely NEW to him. He probably feels bad for not being there for you too. The question is can you imagine being with him as a family? I mean..is he husband material, or is he a jerk? One thing I'd do before you guys move in together is focus on spending more time together and make sure he is really serious about being there and being responsible. Take it slowly and don't worry about rushing it all.



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