Why Doesn T Anyone Use Condoms

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guest - February 21

I mean no disrespect, but whatever happened to people using condoms? Since abstinence is obviously not realistic, at least use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In my opinion, there is no reason to not know who is the father unless you are careless. I know this will probably p___s a lot of women off, but it may be a wake up call for others out there. Be responsible ladies. You are better than that! For those of you who are already pregnant, good luck with your pregnancies.


ella - February 21

i just don't see this as a productive post.


anita - February 21

what you are saying is so true. it's amazing to me that so many people are having unprotected s_x with multiple partners as if pregnancy wasn't a possibility and there were no such thing as STDS. i'm glad somebody said it.


hydz26 - February 21

Your absolutely right! Does no-one have a fear of STD's! Aren't they talked about in schools any-more as a subject? It's scary how many immature people get themselves caught up and have know idea what to do with a baby!


jenn - February 21

i used a condom....... it broke.. i got pregnant...... whats your point again.....this 7 month old gift was a faulty trogen.......some people do use them.. I am 37 too btw.. this is my 4th...so do i sue the manufacturer?


hydz26 - February 21

Its good though to see that your 7 month old is a gift to you! I'm more concerned about those girls that end up not knowing what to do when they dont even attempt to use a condom to start off with and are scared of what to do next! Any form of contraception to go along with a condom would be a smart way to not get into corners they don't want to be in! Thats why I've always been carefull as I've grown up around too many female friends that are scared of what to do next once its too late! Im now 26 with my first bundle of joy on the way which has been planned for the past 2 years! :-).


anita - February 21

congratulations on your baby. i think the original poster was probably refering to all the women on here who have s_x with multiple people and have no idea who the father is (at least that's what i'm talking about). i know condoms break, but there are way too many " i had s_x with a guy on this day and that day, and s_x with another guy on these days, and now i'm pregnant....who's the father ?" questions. i mean, if you're having s_x with more than one person, you should be using condoms; i know condoms can break, but they shouldn't keep breaking with both or all the guys you sleep with. if it breaks and you end up pregnant, then that's the guy who fathered your baby. unless you were raped, a woman should know who her baby's father is.


me - February 22

I can understand those that have the unfortunate incident where the condom breaks, but I think the post is for those who are not as responsible or aren't thinking along those lines. I think it is a productive post for those that don't even think to use condoms at all. It at least gets them thinking about being safe and preventing an unwanted pregnancy.


KellieAnne - February 22

You hear the condom broke excuse all the time. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen but I think in most cases that's the excuse some women make so they don't look bad. When someone posts and they get a response they don't like they usually say the condom broke.


advice - February 22

Condoms and BC is 100% protections agaisnt pregnancy


maren - February 22

to "advice - Condoms and BC is 100% protections agaisnt pregnancy" Where are you getting your information from the only method that is 100% effective at preventing pregnancies is abstinance. If BC and condoms were 100% then i would not be pregnant right now i was on the pill. Please explain that one to me. Using BC and/or a condum reduce your chances of getting pregnant but every time you have s_x there is the risk of getting pregnant.


advice - February 22

I wasn't trying to start a disagreement. I used b/c and condoms for 9 years and didn't get pregnant. If you use b/c at the same time each day/follow instructions and condoms you are less likely to get pregnant. Yes, abstiance is effective but as you can see anyone whose using this site isn't practicing abstiance. All I wanted to say is condoms and B/C can prevent pregnancy if its used correctly. BTW, it states this on the birth control instruction paper. I know it worked for me and many women I know. Good luck with your pregnancy


April - February 22

advice... to say that BC and condoms help protect against pregnancy would be correct... to say they protect 100% is INCORRECT. No matter how it's worked for your friends, there are many factors that can alter the efficiency of BC and condoms...


sick and tired - February 23

advice... it also states on BC that it's only 99.8% effective and if you think how many women are in that .2% you're getting into the tens of thousands of women that have gotten pregnant off the pill.... while used correctly. Condoms are even less reliable. And for the others... why are you so "concerned" about everyone else? I read in one post "more concerned about those girls..." yet I see nothing on here remotely concerning. I see criticism and a bunch of people preaching. The people that are on this site from what I have read are looking for help... they are dealing with the consequences of their immature actions. By looking for help they are showing the effort of taking care of their unborns so that their actions were only hurting themselves. We don't live in a perfect world. If we did, people like the one's complaining in this post would have better things to do than batter young, single girls who are already dealing with a hard situation. Congratulations to all those who are pregnant, regardless of your situation. And for those struggling with negativity being thrown your way, may you have enough strength to deal with the pety people that surround you.


tjane - February 23

I also agree with people taking responsibility for their actions but would never start a thread over it because I thought this was a support forum too but apparently its also a debate forum....


I agree with tjane - February 23

this is not productive and I thought this was a site for support not criticism. I would a__sume that if someone is coming to this site they are already pregnant and this kind of post is beside the point at that time. Why can't we all be more supportive and less critical especially in the difficult and challenging stages of pregnancy? I understand that everyone has an opinion and is ent_tled to that but there are some very unsupportive, uncaring, insensitive and sometimes down right mean posters on this forum that are just making other women feel even worse about their situations when they are merely seeking some support and advice. Give it a rest.....


what about.... - February 26

THE MORNING AFTER PILL??? (72 hours to take)



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