Why Teen Get Pregnant

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wysheka - August 17

why do some of the teen in louisiana get pregnant so much like that.


real answer - April 5

MAYBE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO! i am so sorry for my inconvenience, but PARDON ME. are you trying to say that louisiana is not fun? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHHH. FUNNY? well it isn't. but please donot phrase on that question because i donot know why, darling. i am having a bad att_tude because my boyfriend threatened to dteal my popcorn out of the refrigerator tonight. see ya


Trenae - May 11

why do teens get pregnant?


Trenae - May 11

Because of low self-esteem, many not feeled from there family.


siegfred - May 12

because they are very agressive....and they do not figure out the consequences.


felicia - May 12

umm what??? the state has nothing to do with whether a girl is gonna go get pregnant or not hun. there are bad parts of town, and good parts of town in every state. it depends on the person.


yaya - May 17

it doesn't matter from where you are from because i am from california and there are a lot of pregnant teens as well it just depends on the girl sometimes hey just want to leave their house and they get pregnant or they are having problems there are so many reasons why teens get pregnant, but i'm a teen as well and it also has to depend on the guy and peer pressure from friends or our peers. Teens have to be smarter and not let their teen years go to waste party and enjoy your life before having a baby think about it first!


Baby Girl - May 24

Why do teens get pregnant?


alexa - June 21

Some girls feel they are pressured into having s_x. So they do, and in a snap, they get pregnant


lex - June 26

im from engalnd but was 17 when i had my son now nearly 3, i was brought up in a stable family and had a good head on my shoulders. i had been with my partner for 3 years We decided to try for a child the best job anyone could do. everyone goes on about college etc which is good i would also want that for my son but people forget that being a parent is the hardest and the best job. I have a few friends that r young mums and there all great with very clever and stable children and much 2 peoples disbelive are all with there childrens dads. it was the best thing i every done was have my son. We are in fact trying for our second so no being a teen parent isn't right for everyone but some it is .


dumb question - July 8

that is a dumb question! y do teens get pregnant EVERYWHERE??? do not single out LA! ykesha


ESHEA - July 27



love bug - August 17

can u re-phrase the question so it makes sense....do u speak english or what......well speak i english????


Sonia - September 20

Why do teens get pregnant?


Sonia - September 21

Why do teens get pregnant?


briana - September 30

what are the main causes of teen pregnaancy ?


shadalee - November 4

most teen get pregnant because of the company they hang around with and because they see they friend having s_x they want to be accepted



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