Wife Called Me Should I Tell Her I M Pregnant

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girly7329 - August 15

2 years ago, I met a man....I had gone to house and all.... he was very nice and charming....I had not been with anyone in a while. I had graduated from College and was focusing on my career..... I thought that I could finally let down my guard with him, thus, I did.... After being intimate....some days later he announced "i have something to tell you" ... I know I should have walked away then, but the same reasons I fell for him....were the same reasons I believed him when he said they were in the middle of the divorce.... Anyhow....long story short...... when I found out I was pregnant is when he was bold enough to say " I am not leaving my situation" The wife called me at midnight and aked me " how do I know her husband" I told her that's something she needed to speak to him about.... When I first found out....I was determined to tell her... but when she called me, I could not imagine saying something that would hurt someone just the same as I am hurting.... He lied to both of us....... Half of me is saying that she will find out when I file for child support... Do you think I should tell her? The father already said that he is going to lie about the whole situation...


Teddyfinch - August 16

then you might as well tell her. and be ready to do a paternity test for her because she will be inclined to believe her lying, cheating-a__s husband. and to find out once he's having to pay child support is a bit harsh.


pricelessangel - August 16

unfortunately yes I would tell her. Just b/c you don't know if he's going to tell her the truth or not and that would hurt worse than her finding out from you..you can tell her how hurt you were when you found out and explain the truth she will be more upset with him than anything. I would tell her I knew nothing about her and him or I would not of ever dreamt of walking into someone else's relationship. That I am sorry but I wanted to let her know so she knew the truth as well and so that she can bring it up to him..Think about it both of you finding out together by each other will be his worst nightmare. Or he can be a loser and not care. But you can do much much better than that. and if he lies about it to her let him b/c at least you did your part and let her know the truth.


girly7329 - August 18

Thanks for the replies...My gut was to tell her, however, only for the reasons that I was hoping that she would set her pride aside and allow for my son to know her kids - his brothers.... plus, I think she should know (I would want to know if the shoes were reversed)...


single09 - September 1

is she going to be raising your child? It's not your place to tell her. Just please get yourself and your soon to be baby out of the situation. Move on and do what is best for you and your child. If she is calling you she already knows her husband is a cheat.


bluezy411 - September 3

I know how much u would like to make her hurt as much as you do, but the most important thing is to do it for the right reasons and not out of malice. She is already miserable enough living with such a man and ask yourself what u honestly hope to achieve out of that disclosure...


ladyinarizona - October 14

I know ya wont like this but ..... ya knew he was married and continued to sleep with a married man ?? Ultimately it is your decision to raise that child or to have an abortion. I dont feel when the father has already said he doesn't want the child that a woman should feel he is obligated to help anymore. You can either raise the child on your own or you can't. And what if you have the kid and then take him for paternity ? Yeah he will pay child support but he can also have visitation rights. So that means that your child will be spending time with your lover AND his wife ??? I that really what you want?? And whether you tell her or not is immaterial, she knows about you anyway and if she is stupid enough to stay with him then she will find out soon enough. If it were me - wife or you - I would tell both of ya to tell him to go to hell then the two of you (the women I mean) get to be great friends and leave him in the cold


newbaby2009 - October 17

Yes tell her. She had EVERY right to know.


Teddyfinch - October 19

newbaby: you know, i had originally said she should tell the wife, but why have her take the brunt of the wife's reaction, y'know? i mean the husband is older and should have known better so let him tell her (as if he has the b___s) and let his wife kick his a__s instead of taking it out on the poor young girl that was used by this jerk. know what i mean?


newbaby2009 - October 19

Yea Teddy i know what ya mean. Its just she said the husband is going to lie about the whole situation. I think the wife deserves to know now and have time to deal with it before the baby arrives.


Teddyfinch - October 27

true true



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