Will Anyone Ever Love Me

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iimsooflyx0 - April 12

Im 17 ill be 18 on the 27th and im 20 weeks pregnant.. I was dating the father for just a few weeks but I really loved him and I found out I was pregnant after we broke up.. and theres nothing i can do about that because Im against abortion and i could neverrr give my baby up after I saw it. Well the father was being okay with everything when I first told him he asked to move in with me and everything .. but now hes denying everything! I send him my sonograms and he says THATS NOT MY KID.. and he tells other people its not his or that i told him it was someone elses... it really hurts! I know its gonna come out eventually with a dna test.. but i can never be with him after hes done this to me... but will anyone ever love me since ill have a child thats not theirs?? Im so young , is there anyone out there who isnt with their babys father but someone else?? Thankx


EricaG - April 12

http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/terriclark/shedidnthavetime.html take out any dashes that may appear but leave in the slashes. :o) you'll find somebody...


MystinaAlise - April 13

im dating a guy right now who knows im pregnant by another man and he is completely ok with it... my sister has two kids and the oldest is by a man she isnt with she is still with the father of the second... there are tons and tons of women with kids who are with men that arent the fathers of their children... you just have to find someone who is mature enough to deal with it and get over it... and trust me i know what your ex is saying hurts but try to remember that HE is the one missing out on this wonderful experience not you


Been There - April 13

In this day and age where a lot of relationships don't last, there are plenty of people looking for someone to be with. You are too young to think that you'll never be with someone who loves you. But I will say that instead of worrying about it and being in constant search of that person, you must concentrate on doing what is best for yourself and your child. It's by doing well, being strong and taking care of your business you will attract someone. A woman who is not helpless is very attractive to a REAL MAN, which it sounds like you did not have.


April - April 13

Yeah don't worry about that at all. I had guys asking me out while I was pregnant... and I'm still getting offers now that my baby's 9 months old. (I'm choosing not to date though because I feel like I just want/need to focus on my baby girl for right now.) Having a kid doesn't bother some guys... actually it doesn't bother a LOT of guys (more guys than I expected). I actually know guys who think that's more attractive! Also, one of my best friends just got engaged to the love of her life... who isn't the father of her son. This guy treats her son like he's his though.. he's sooooo good with him. Don't worry about getting back together with your ex, or not finding another guy because there's nothing to worry about. Think of this child as a blessing because he or she will weed out the immature guys that you don't want to date anyway. Enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy your baby when you have it. They're truly amazing.


starr - April 18

Don't worry. We see it all the time where people with children get together and make a family with the children that they already have. I have a guy right now is is really trying to start a relationship with me even though I am almost 8 months pregnant with another man's baby. I am still in contact with my baby's father and am not trying to start a new relationship with anyone as of yet. But that is my choice. There are serious and responsible men out there who will love you and your baby. If the father won't be a real man then surely someone will come along and take his place.


Scarlet - April 21

hey girl hold on i know right now things seem bad i've been there i was 18 when i got preg with my son 19 when he was born his dad was great when he first found out we were going to get married until i caught him with my BEST FRIEND talk about hurt, after our son was born he denied him even though he was his spitting image even demanded a dna so he got it came back 99.8% then he wanted me back i to wanted nothing to do with him. so i knew i would find someone to love me and my son, his biological father still sees him when its convenient, my son is now 10 (almost 11) and i can't imagine life without him, last year though I meet a wonderful man who loves me dearly and my son too he goes to every basketball game, baseball game we are to be married this summer and are trying for another baby even now keep your chin up and remember that little one your packing is going to love you more than anything and he/she is your most important concern the right man will come along in time and except you both just wait all will work out promise lots of luck



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