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foolish - January 20

hi, ive just found out im about 1-2 wks preg.i have 2 children 5 and nearly 7.this is how foolish ive been this will be my 3rd child and 3 different fathers,and it was not serious wit the last one just a stupid drunken mistake i was on antibiotics just after xmas and im guessin my pill obviously didnt wrk properly.i could not get an abortion id never ever forgive myself if i done that.i,m nmore afraid of wat other people will think.im 25 jus got my life back together after bein with a man who emotionally bullied me and my eldest son(not his) for four yrs.kids are in school and i went back to wrk.the father of this baby is no better really jus a mistake, if i tell him that means another man is goin to b in my kids life if i dont tell him my baby wont know his/her daddy.i think i can do this on my own i want to, but ive started to think about how fair it is on the baby. pleeeese help


clindholm - January 21

Ok, so you've made some mistakes and bad decisions. All you can do at this point is suck it up and do the very best you can by your kids. Personally, I don't think it's right to not tell him. Obviously you had s_x with him for a reason and no matter how bad he is he deserves to know that he has a child on the way. It is great that you just got your life together and got yourself and your kids out of a bad relationship but don't make the same mistake again. If this guy is just as bad as the last, the only relationship you need have with him is visitation of your new baby. Do not quit your job, stay independant.


foolish - January 21

hi, thanx 4 reply! i think I'll have to get used to bein pregnant myself 1st before i tell him, its early days and i jus keep thinkin "anything could happen". I actually havent been in contact wit him since friday, then out of blue he text today, i replied cuz its easier to tell him if we still already in contact.my head is jus wrecked at the mo, im ashamed of myself and my family are gonna hate me.but im also excited!!!:)


sabrinasmom - January 23

Foolish-from personal experience I would say it is probably best to let the father know he is going to be a father and to give your child the opportunity to know his or her father. I didn't let my child's father in the picture until she was about 6 (she is 8 now) because I didn't want him there if he wasn't going to be there how I wanted him to be there. But really I just ended up hurting my daughter in the process. She would have loved to have him around in any kind of way her first 5 years. Keep your head up and your spirits positive. That baby will be feeding off your energy. It's not easy we want the best for our kids, they are blessings and you can do it. Good luck.



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