Will I Ever Be Wanted Again

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ashchik - May 20

im 17 and 32 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend has just broken up with me, we are currently living 16hrs away from each other and i dont see us getting back together anytime soon. i just wanted to know if i am ever going to find someone who is going to love me and my baby, becoz who wants to be with a single mother and look after someone elses child????


ksmom - May 20

Hey ashchik, Yes guys will want you. I had my first when i was 22 (the guy n i were together for years) when i became pregnant he became abusive, so i left him....then I thought omg what am I doing? I left the only guy who wanted me in life. then i was thinking dont worry cuz i have a baby on the way who needs me at this point. Well it was 2 1/2 years till I found a REAL guy who wanted me for who i was and accepted my boy. The other guys will pressure you to go out n party all teh time but its not worth it. I wouldve rather been single with my boy then go out n party all the time. To this day, i still stay home with my 2 boys and I LOVE IT!! So keep your head up, there are guys out there!! You may think there isnt, it may be tough but keep up the good work with the baby and people will realize what a great girl you are!! CONGRATS ON THE BABY :) hope it kind of helps if not sorry


mischelly30 - May 20

Ashchik, of *course* you will! I have no doubt about it. You have your whole life ahead of you, you are only 17 and shouldn't feel that your options are closed. Put things in perspective...I would (and have) started relationships with men who have children (one of my ex's had four!), so why wouldn't someone want to start a great relationship with me? I'm 5 mnths and, as it is, I have had a couple of people already willing to step up into a relationship with me. I chose to turn them down, but the point is...the options are *there*. And I'm well over a decade older than you, when guys are supposed to be "less available!" Plus, think of it this way...your baby will have the fortuitious effect of filtering out many commitment-phobic, user, or loser men. Please, please don't settle for someone who treats you bad or for someone who you are not in love with just because you're afraid of being alone. Trust me, that never works, you will be miserable! The right guy and the right relationship are worth waiting for :)


sara b - May 21

I will tell you my story. I was 20 when I had my daughter, Gemma. Her father, Matt, and I split up when I was around 4-5 months along. I started dating another guy, Mikel, around 6 months along. He was there for my daughter's birth and watched her while I worked. We were together almost a year. After we broke up I met another guy named Jason. We've now been together almost 9 months. He's great with my daughter, the only problem is he works three jobs and I never see him. Now I have three guys at work trying to get me to leave Jason for one of them. Its not that you won't be wanted. The challenge is finiding the one YOU WANT!!!! I wish you the best.


ashchik - May 21

thanks guys hearing ur stories has put a smile on my face and made me realise life does go on, and my ex is going to miss out on all the great times ahead!!


RMC - July 3

It is so sad to see so many posts about girls who think no one will want them just because they have kids. I have 3 kids who are not my boyfriends, and he has no problem with taking care of them, loving them, and being there for them. Someone WILL want you. Don't be so down on yourself.


krc - July 5

i am 36 weeks and been single since I found out I was pregnant. I had those same thoughts, especially now that it has been all this time and I haven't had so much as a guy ask me for a phone number !!!! But when it really comes down to it, I am going to have a baby who will demand ALL of my attention 24/7 so there really wont be much time to date. But I have a stepfather who loves me very much and alot of my friends have kids and boyfriends who dont mind that they aren't those kids biological father. There are alot of good men out there who have no problem taking on the role of daddy to someone else's children. Try not to worry about that right now and focus on YOU and doing what YOU gotta do to raise that baby.



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