Wits End

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going crazy - January 10

I am at my wits end with my boyfriend. We have a daughter that is turning 8 soon and another one on the way. Here is some background so that u can understand the situation. When I became pregnant with our daughter, he left when I was 4 mos pregnant. Come to find out he had another girlfriend that he had lied about. He denied my daughter and made me battle him in court for child support. When she was almost three, I obtained a job as a Flight Attendant and contacted him (via his mother) and asked him to sign a doc_ment that allowed my parents to raise my daughter should something happen to me. He refused and requested to be apart of her life. So we sat down and talked and then before long a relationship started between us. It has been 4 1/2 years now and we still argue and fight just as much as before. He refuses to commit, he wants to have his cake and eat it too. I have left him before but I always get weak and let him back. He never does anything wrong (according to him) and I always have to apologize for something I supposedly did. He lives with me and I am the bread winner, I pay the bills. He says that he has no love for this situation, that the only reason he is there is because I am pregnant and for our daughter. I have told him numerous times to leave, but he never does. He tells me he cannot hug me or show any affection (other than s_x) because it's not in him. We are suppose to start counseling this week, but he stated today that he is leaving. He says that I am changing his life and that he wants to be single. I am not stopping him, but he won't go. I have never prevented him from seeing his daughter, but I have told him that I refuse to keep helping him if he leaves. What do I do? I love him and need him emotionally but I don't know how to deal with his issues.


wishing you luck - January 10

Why do this to yourself? You should not live like that. If he is living there he should be helping you with bills too. It doesn't sound like he wants to change if he says he is going to leave. I think you should tell him to get out grow up once he is a man and ready to be there for you and the children he may come back. Thats if you would still want him . But you need to put your foot down and keep it there until there is a positive change. Good luck to you.



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