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jenna32 - July 21

hi everyone, i just want to vent . my baby was born but this is the only board i really post on. i am scared of my x taking my daughter away. she is 7 and a half months now. he has a criminal record, he used to do drugs, as far as i know he doesn't now,he has that schizo mental disorder thing so he takes a lot of pills for it and sometimes he doesn't even take them like around last christmas i found out he wasn't taking one,i even have the e-mail thingy from his mom telling me ( cuz i know he wouldn't tell me).Sometimes the combination of pills stops working to like 2 christmas's ago ( it always seems to happen around there for some reason). Anyways does anyone think i have a chance at getting custody and maybe supervised visits?he also hasn't paid a dime in child support yet.his constant lieing and lack of commitment to his daughter just drove me away.the last straw for me was when he didn't put our daughter before himself in many situations. he is in a lot of debt i think still and hes not on the birth certificate so he will also have to pay for a paternity test with lawyers,court etc. so i don't know when this will happen but he was just talking about it in one of our arguements. i really don't know what i'd do is my daughter was taken away from me. i'd be majorly depressed. i am not on the greatest side either though because i don't have a job right now,however i am thinking of going to college for something like nursing, so that i can provide a better life for her. it will just kill me to miss her first years and i just know it will be so hard with a baby. i am thinking i should get on that right away though.


clindholm - July 21

I really don't think he has a chance at taking her away from you. He has a criminal history, is mentally unstable and has not contributed to her support in any way. He may get visitation but I doubt it would be without supervision. If I were you, I would try to doc_ment everything you can in the event that you end up in court someday. You may also want to work on trying to get a job to show that you can support her. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


gummibear - July 24

Doc_ment everything. Get a job. And talk to legal aid in your state. Laws vary by state, and you want a lawyer's opinion. He needs to be paying child support; his debt to others is his problem, not your child's problem. Child support is for the benefit of your child, and not something you as the parent should be 'waiving' - in some states you legally cannot waive it. Also, it is better to miss her early years when you are attending school than her later years, when she will actually notice and remember that you aren't present (and when she has legs and can walk and talk and get herself into serious trouble in your absence). As long as you are coming home to her every night, it will be ok. Let her motivate you to work harder.


raex - November 11

the fact that you dont work means more comitment to your baby,in the uk there is no way a person like that would get full custody, the mental health problem he has means he cant control himself,he is unstable and unpredictable, thats not good for a child, and if placed with him your child would suffer her basic needs, look into the human rights act as your baby has them the same as any adult, also research hes condition,knowledge is power and may help if it does go to court,i personally think a judge must be crackers to give full custody to him,he may get suppervised visits and then child reports done on him and you to see how the child relates to you both, as long as you can keep your cool with him(dont give him anything to use against you in court) and you can use hes condition and behaviour against him and that you are the safe stable reliable parent it should all go your way x



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