Any Parents Of Triple X Girls

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mummsy - July 7

Hi...I have just been told through an amnio test that my baby has triple x. I have not found a lot of information on the net and the counsellor at the hospital was not much help either. I would love to talk to other parents of these children if there are any out there. Or anyone who knows someone with triple x. Please help as I'm really scared for my unborn child.


lindsay - July 9

hi mummsy. i'm sorry but i have no experience with XXX and all i know about it is it occurs in about 1 in 1,000 female births, they are born with normal appearances, menstrual irregularities, learning disorders or mental retardation, and not every affected person has every characteristic. i just wanted to tell you to keep researching. i know it is frustrating when you are not finding the answers you seek (especially when even the counselors can't seem to give you answers) but knowledge really is empowerment. perhaps you can find a XXX support group; i mean, statistically, 1 in 1,000 is a pretty big number when you think of the population as a whole. it would be good to at least find a support system. GOOD LUCK to the least you can express you thoughts on here if you just need to talk or someone to listen who can relate to your anxieties in SOME way...


mojolucas - November 3

Due to the lyonization, inactivation and formation of a Barr body in all female cells, only one X chromosome is active at any time in a female cell. Thus, triple X syndrome most often causes no unusual physical features or medical problems. Females with the condition are usually taller than average, and their weight may be low in comparison to their height. They may have menstrual irregularities, and, although rarely exhibiting severe mental impairments, sometimes have an increased risk of learning disabilities, delayed speech, and language skills. A similar range of body types and characteristics are present in both triple X and Klinefelter's syndrome. These include a lanky/youthful appearance, non-affectedness, or varying degrees of androgyny. Body types/characteristics often follow traits shown in family members who are unaffected. The additional X chromosome can come from either the maternal or paternal side. Although body types and characteristics are distinguishable in triple X, the condition is verified only by karyotype testing. Most women with triple X have normal s_xual development and are able to conceive children. A few may experience early onset of menstruation. checkout a web site called triple-x .org I typed triple x snydorome (trysomy x) into a search engine a found a plethera of info and support. it can also be called * Triplo X syndrome * Trisomy X * 47,XXX * XXX syndrome best wishes



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