I M HIV POstive

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scaredtodeath99 - July 23

I'm 28 and just foung out that im HIV postive and i have no children. That has always been my dream is to be a mother! Is it possible for me to still have a child and have a semi-normal life?


olhdw101 - July 23

Of course it is still possible you can have children but you really need to consider the long term ramifications of living with this disease and raising a child. Are you in a committed relationship?, do you have support? You need to consider the possibility of transmission to the baby, are you healthy? Do you have the finances to keep yourself healthy with the proper meds? Talk to your doctor about this and ask a million questions, they are there to help YOU, are you involved in a support group of any kind, this may be a good way to meet other people that share this desire and have went through child birth/child raising whom are also HIV positive. Just because you have this disease doesn’t make you any different then any other mother that shares a illness such as b___st cancer, the only thing you need to be aware of is the possible transmission, but now a days there are drugs that can protect the baby. I’m sure you have a lot to offer a child! Good luck, I wish you the best, keep us posted .


jen327 - August 22

My best friend got pregnant with HIV 12 years ago. she took medication to avoid giving it to her child. She was married. She ending up pa__sing on 5 years ago, but it was because she had 2 strains of HIV and Diabetes and her kidney's failed from all the pain medication she was taking. But talk to your doctor if you want a baby.


reneelane - August 23

So sorry to hear that. One of my friends finally found out he was HIV positive and I decided to go get a test to be sure I wasn't as a result of him being sick. From what I understand you can get your blood cell count up high enough for the virus to not be detected in your system so that you won't pa__s the virus to your partner. Hopefully you will have a successful pregnancy too and stay healthy if you decide to start a family. I hope you find someone that treats well, to be your strength through this virus, because the medications are hell but worth it to continue your life!


jennifer_33106 - August 27

I hope that this does not offend anyone, but I think that the risk is too great. HIV is a scarey thing and a real threat to the baby. I think maybe you should look into maybe adopting or fostering a child. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It must be hard. But like Jen said, her friend took every precaution to try to avoid pa__sing it and it did happen. Good Luck and I hope to God that if you decide to try to have a baby that God lets you bring the healthiest baby into the world possible.


MyLifeNotYours - May 9

I was looking around & ran into this post that's 2 years old. Is this lady still a member here? Did she finally get pregnant? How did this end?



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