10 And Pregnant

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tashie888 - June 12

im 10 and when i first got my period (age 8) my mom told me if i had s_x before i was married that she would hate me. but just before i was with my older brothers freind who is 14 and he was like " do you want to have s_x" and i was like "yes" because i was curius. and then now i am pregnant and im really worried it hink i am 2 months pregnant and my tummy is sticking out a little and mys ister is calling me fat. plzzzz help! what can i do, i want to keep the baby.


wow - June 12



:[ - June 12

:[ Youre too young..


Nichole - June 12

2 months and showing?? Usually people wouldn't notice then..


Grandpa Viv - June 12

If you want someone to talk to about your situation, mail me at [email protected] and we will try to figure out the best thing for you to do.


oh man - June 14

are you serious...I dont think his sperm could be fertilizing?? i dont know this for sure but his puberty just started and wow i didnt think it was possible for a 10 year old to get pregnant..are you sure you aren;t lying?..Plus how would a 14 boy fit inside of you....even


11 - June 14

well im prignent at age 11


to oh man... - June 14

You've got to be kidding me right? Please tell me you aren't that dumb. Just like if a girl can have a period, she can get pregnant... if a kid can ejaculate he can probably get someone pregnant. Look at the middle school teacher who got pregnant by one of her students. There are lots of girls who are 14 and pregnant, who do you think they're having s_x with?


Audrey - June 14

tashie888- Your mother said she would hate you if you had s_x before you were married and you ended up having s_x anyway? How do you think your mother is going to feel about you now? Does your brother's friend know about this? You will need some serious medical care if you intend to keep this child because having a baby before your body has developed properly is dangerous and painful. I wish you luck.


Tony - June 15

im sry it happened, but really, s_x isn't fun anymore if your not careful, espeically with people you dont know. you should let your parents know, since your still 10, theres so much taht you dont know yet, and good luck with the baby



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