10 Negitive Pregnancy Test But Some Symptoms SO SCARED

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Jazy6969 - May 25

Hello ladies, well heres my story, I am 16 and i had s_x twice this month, no where near ovulation.....but my period is 9 days late. I have no idea what is going on.....my boyfriend is driving me insane because more worried than i am. Right now thats my main reason of stress. I have had a lot of stress this month but not to much and i did start to work out and changed my diet jus alittle but I've tooken 10 pregnancy test and all negitive but i do have signs of pregnancy...I'm always tired, my br___t hurt so bad i dont know what to do no more, and my mood swing are out of control! please HELP! could i be pregnant and cant tell my parents!


Sarah-Ann - May 25

Hey just try and relax tell your self your not pregnant and if you stop worrying for a day or 2 your periods may come so try to relax good luck and if there naw here within another week go to the doctor


Kay - May 25

Diet and stress can cause periods to iether stop for that month or change. Go to the docter if your really worried ( saves you from buying another 10 home test) He/She should clear up any worries you may have . Good Luck ;)


Emma2 - May 25

Hey , I have a suggestion? Use Protection so you wont have to be paranoid and scared ! Also, 10 pregnancy tests means youre most likely NOT pregnant. Youre 16 and having irregular cycles and anovulation along with dieting is pretty much the big indicator of what the real problem is.


Grandpa Viv - May 25

Hmm! I take it you know that the 5 days before ovulation are fertile because sperm can live that long. You may have an ovarian cyst this month which is putting out hormones that make it feel like you are pregnant, but the tests are telling you not. Save money and take a couple more tests at one week intervals, then if your next period does not show you can visit the clinic for a check-up. In the meantime use condoms plus v____al spermicide, and continue to stay away from temptation during the fertile window days 8-16 of 28. Good luck!



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