11 And Pregnate

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Rebekah - March 23

i'm 11and had s_x about 2months ago i took a test and found out i'm pregnate, the guy was 15. My parents are strict churchies what do i do, they have only just found out i smoke weed.


katie - March 23

ok well u gotta tell them some time or another..and better sooner than later because it gives them more time to get used to becomein grand parents also do u still no the guy u had s_x wit?if u do tell him to cause he has a rite to no even if he wants nothin to do wit it but u never no he mite...good luck xxx


P - March 23

Decide. Keep - Abort - Adopt


? - March 23

Quit smoking weed or your baby will have major birth defects.


katie - March 23

actually tht is a gd point..do stop smokin weed cause not only will it hav major birth defects but it cud become addicted to it


Melissa - March 23

you need to stop the drug use, and tell your parents ASAP you're only 11, you are so not ready for a baby


maya - March 23

i'm 11 and never thought about acturally having s_x. i wondered but didn't have an urge to do it. please go to the doctors and stop smoking


Sarah - March 23

You need to stop the weed, tell your folks and get smart. At 11 there is no excuse for having s_x, the simple fact is you shouldnt be doing it.


Rebekah - March 23

I havn't smoked weed since i new i was pregnant but my mom found a bong under my bed so they think im a big drugie i'm not but i don't know wot they will do if they found out i was pregnant my dad went cyco wen he heard about the bong


maya - March 24

tell ur mom or go to a free clinic and make sure everything is okay. u could go to the school nurse and she could help u.


jadae - March 26

if you need some one to talk to my email is [email protected]


Marie - March 26

Tell your parents the truth. They may be strict "churchies" and all, but they will most likely help you. There is nothing really horrible that can come of this. You are not legally old enough to be kicked out of your house or anything, so you don't have to worry about that. AND PLEASE, stop smoking weed. It's not only bad for the baby, but bad for YOU too.


Lorah - March 29

Hin if you want your baby to live happy and healthy then dont smoke that c___p> Your only gonna make it harder on yerself by doing so



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