12 Alone Pregnant

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Jaimie - February 14

I had s_x with a boy I didnt know round the back of an under 18 club now im pregnant and i feel so alone I come from a christian family who dont beleive in abortion I dont feel I could give it away do I have to it anything I dont want to? I really apreciate your help.


Cheryl - February 14

No one can force you to do something you don't want to. If you are refferring to keeping your child. You can keep it.


Jessica - February 14

Just answer me this, Why would you have s_x with a boy you didnt know? Why unprotected? You can get so many s_xual dieseases. Anyways, I say talk with your closest relative....Adult relative. Let someone know the state that you are in, and take it from there. I am sure everything will work itself out.


Jaimie - February 14

I know it was stupid Im not sayin it wernt but He jus asked me if I wanted to go round back I didnt plan for it to go this far wat are my family gona do???


Rhonda - February 14

Hi Jaimie, you are never alone honey you just feel like you are right now because you are frightened, it is going to be extremely hard to break the news to your family but it will have to be done before you stress yourself out too much. Is there another adult like a teacher you get on well with or a school counsellor that you can speak with first. I a__sume you've already been to a doctor so maybe they can help you. It really is not as bad as you think and everything will come together for you in the end sweetie.


maya - February 20

i'm a year younger than you and per preasure is like huge so if you need to talk please feel free to email me [email protected]


Julia - February 20

No sweetie you don't have to do anything you don't want to. That is your body and your baby........Don't let ANYONE make you do anything !!!!


Audrey - February 20

As nice as it looks to say that you can do what you want, any decision will be extremely difficult. You need to talk to an adult that you trust and go from there. A few things you should keep in mind: 1. You are 12 and if the boy was over 16 he can be charged with statutory rape. 2. Your body has not finished developing yet and having the baby could be dangerous for you. 3. If you decide to keep the baby you need the total support of your family if you expect to finish school. Good luck hon.


IS THIS A JOKE - February 21



to: Jamie - February 22

my name is Chris and you can talk to me on the teen forum under "ASK ANY QUESTION AT ALL" I really wish you all the best, and congradulations. Hope I can help a little


maggie - March 1

omg i cant belive your having a baby at 12 im so happy for u i have 3 little girls named ellie jackie and leah i had then when i was 10 there triplets and im pregnat with my 4th kid now 7 months i live with my boyfriend at his parents house my folks kicked me out


sarah - April 30

I'm not trying to judge but it's hard why would you have unprotected s_x with someone you didn't know however I know if I was you I wouldn't be able to give my baby up either I feel sorry for you because motherhood is hard but good luck I hope everything turns out ok you should talk to your family


katie - May 1

hmm....this sounds and bit dodgey to b honest...but if its true do wat is rite for u and your baby gd luck on tellin your parents xxx katie


Danita - August 30

Well I don't know if you are still pregnant or what? But if you do decide to keep your baby.. may god bless you. Even though you made a mistake GOD will help ou through whatever you need. God bless and Good luck


Jesika - August 30

I know how that goes, I once went round the back of a bank with a boy I went out with, I was just being funny, and he just started to kiss me and pull my pants down, so I let it happen because I went back there with him and led him on. So I understand. Just talk to your family after church. Just be sincere. Your family should be there being a christian family. God forgives you can make it through this.


- September 1

12 is young have ur thought about adoption, u said that u dont think u could, but do u think that is fair to the baby, not to have everything it need, u cant get a job at 12 ru going to rely on ur parents to raise the baby for u, it just not fair to that lil one



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