12 And Need You To Read LOooooooooooook

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Tara - October 26

hi, my name is tara and I'm 13 my sister is 12 and she is asking me questions I don't know how to answer like she wants to ask her friends i'f they are virgins but dosn't know how to ask also who can get her pregnat can you answer thease questions my sister is crazy but can you help me she is more mature than I am please help!


Melissa - October 26

Tell your sister she does not need to be worrying about those types of things at this point in her life. Tell her to go the the library to look up a book on puberty and the the reproductive system. That will give her all the info she needs to know...and something on s_xually transmitted diseases just in case she has any ideas about engaging in s_xual activity....and maybe she talk to a trusted counselor or adult about the emotions and maturity it takes to handle a s_xual relationship,,,,,,Good Luck!


Tara - October 26

thank you I'll tell her


hali - October 26

she is too young for all that


Melissa - October 27

Well..if this 12 year old is already has questions about s_x...then she is ready to learn about it. So reading up and getting the facts and talking to an adult about s_x,abstinence, and pregnancy is better than not talking about it at all. Letting her experiment and learn things the hard way is not the way to go when she ends up with an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. Parents need to be vocal about s_xual health w/their pre teens and teens. Kepping the subject hush hush is what gets alot of teens into trouble


Bonnie - October 27

These questins always sound like BS to me. I know not all parents talk to their kids but they do have s_x ed in school now. My 12 year-olds had it 2 years ago (not to mention I discuss it with them and of course they hear talk from friends). It just seems a little strange some of the questions that people ask here. Makes me think of bored kids with nothing to do but post on an anonymous board.....but just in case, I agree with Melissa. Have her go to the library.


Mother Nature - October 27

She's not to young to learn about that. Once a girl get's her period, her body is saying that she is now a woman and can physically have children. Once a girl gets their period they should know what's going on with their body or they might learn it from the wrong people. You're her sister. Just be blunt and tell her, She's ready. My sister is right around the corner and she's already asking me a few things.



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