12 And Pregnant HELP ME ASAP

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Kym - January 12

i am tewelve and am pregnant with a baby boy. i am due in two weeks and am wondering what i should do to tell my parents. i live at a boarding school and have been saying that i am ill ever since i started to become fat from the baby. since my parents don't really care, should i go on with the baby? i don't now who the dad is all i know is that his first name is Jeremy. What should i do? please, HELP ME OUT!


tttt - January 13



Hilary - January 13

Wow, they dont know and ur 38 wks... yet your 12 and carrying to full term me smell fishy!


Ann - January 13

hey if you ever need to talk just e-mail me @ [email protected] can try and help you the best i can.


Annette - January 15

you may email me for a christian friend to lend a listening ear at [email protected]


someoneelse - January 15

yeah what annette, planning to brain wash her into being a christian. Watch out kym!! she's probably a missionary!!!! DONT LET HER BRAIN WASH YOU ONTO THE DARK SIDE!


michael - January 24

have the baby, learn to be the best mother you can be, begin responsible s_xual behavior and use appropriate birth control.


Mommy2Kylie - January 24

This has to be fake. Please God don't let people this dumb exsist.


Hilary - January 25

No c___p, she's asking if she should go on with the baby, she's 38 wks (what 12 year old gets to 38 wks??)


Mommy2Kylie - January 25

She doesn't know anything but the Dads first name is Jeremy? And hasn't told her parents? This is pathetic.


annie - January 25

im 12 and have a babe dont no what 2 do


Kimi - January 25

have you seen a doctor? you really need to make sure that you and your baby are fine. Tell your parents! you really need to.


Heather - January 25

tell your parents that you need help because you dont know the first about being aparent and just to let you know i am 12 and my sister is 15 and shes having a kid but perposely but anyways just tell them you would like them to be as saportive as possible but if there not youll understand and tell them that you love them and your sorry this news came aboiut just tell them comly feel strong that wayb they realise your a strong person ang you can handle it well gtg hope my advise helps you write back and tell me my email address is [email protected]


Rich - February 3

who the younger girl in the world to get preg


becca - February 3

erm well u gotta tell ur parents and only go on wid the baby if u feel u can (RICH the youngist girl to get pregnant and give birth is 5 years old she gave birth 2 a boy in 1939 i think)


Kate-Lyn - February 3

Ok.. if you are 12 and pregnant that is the start of your problem! And if you are in a boarding school how did you get pregnant with a guy whos name you don't know? You are pathetic!


Mommy2Kylie - February 3

If you've been hiding it, and you go to a boarding school how'd you find out it was a boy? Did you sneak off to a doctor? And how'd you go about paying that without anyone finding out at your age? Im with Hilary, I smell a big fat FISH.



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